Is Darkrai Uber?


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Shouldn't Darkrai see the light of day with Dark Void having less accuracy than Hypnosis? With Electric & Misty Surge being a thing, sleep is even less of an issue. It's sweeping potential isn't exactly extraordinary and would fit right in with the rest of the OU beasts IMHO.

I mean, it may end up getting banned, but I don't think it warrants to be on the initial banlist.
I can't speak for the OU Council, but just at a glance, there are a LOT of questionable threats in OU right now. As it is, there are at least 6 mons on the Council's radar (source: and potentially more that can pop up after some mons get banned. That's not to say I think Darkrai is necessarily broken to the point of needing a quickban, but at this point the die has been cast, and I think it's far more important to prune out the broken stuff in the meta and stabilize the tier before dropping anything back into it


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we talked about darkrai early on; the combination of hypnosis / nasty plot / dark pulse / focus blast / sludge bomb / thunderbolt / ice beam and it's rather fantastic stats persuaded us to place it on the initial banlist. ultimately we all decided it was another threat that didn't need to be here or tested. i wanted to try it out initially, but was convinced that it would be a bit overwhelming to the general consensus.

it is probably one of the more "easy" candidates to drop since it isn't a completely ridiculous pokemon considering what we have had in this tier so far, but for now our official policy is it being uber.

in the future if we theoretically do decide to test it, it will be done in a much more stable metagame.
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