Issue #1 Release

Just click the image above to check out the new issue of The Competitor. We're back to a webzine style, which I hope you all will enjoy. I'd like to take this time to thank all of our contributors for this issue. These guys have been a blast to work with, and I'm really looking forward to next issue. Special shout-outs to f(x) for making that slick cover you see here, Redew for putting together most of the CSS used for the issue's layout, and s_aman, whose article Recently in Tournaments would've been in the issue had we released when we originally planned.

We're all very eager to hear feedback, so let us know your thoughts on the articles! If you're interested in becoming a part of the writing team or would like to see your successful tournament team featured in one of our upcoming issues, post up your article idea or team over in Article Approvals.

Now go enjoy this issue ^.^


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I really enjoy the Editor's Notes Walkthrough Tournament's article (and it isn't because I HTMLed it), it's very informative and the art is cute.

Overall, this was a fun experience to go through, as in helping with the transition from manual articles to issues.

Great work to everyone else who wrote, GPed, and HTMLed for this issue!

Can't wait to do it again~
I could've sworn we've had some STUFF named THE COMPETITOR before...

also both the original ones posted in Notes from the Editor link to only the first one
yeah, we decided to reboot the issue numbers since they were about 3 years apart with lots of other content in-between

fixed that, thanks~


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small nitpick: i found this in the OST top 16 article:

I'm quite sure they're ArchPhantom and lily respectively

other than that, good job, this was an enjoyable read
"it came down to SPL 5 champions the Alpha Ruiners vs Congregation of the Classiest."

Ruiners did'nt win SPL 5, they won SPL 3. Other than that small nitpick it was a great read!


release the chemtrails
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this really fun to work on, even if i'm not as integrated into the tour community as i'd like to be

great issue :]

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