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Ignoring how I've managed to use Scrafty quite well on my teams, I find it funny that Metagross is in that article, and the VERY NEXT ARTICLE is titled "Best of the Best" and Metagross is on that list as well.
Actually, the articles are in agreement with one another. The latter article you referred to is about pseudo-legendaries, which is a group of six Pokemon that have a BST of 600 on the dot. Many legendary Pokemon have this same BST, such as Mew, Celebi, Shaymin, Lati@s, Heatran, and the like. The six Pokemon listed in that article are Pokemon that mimic that same trait, but are not legendary Pokemon in-game. The author of said article ranked Metagross last and went on to describe where it goes wrong in BW.

Regardless, this was yet another fun issue to work on. I wish I could have been more involved than I was (my summer job has been pretty demanding), but this was a blast nonetheless. I'm thankful for all the participants of PokeTour and Pokemon Biology; you guys have evolved those articles into something awesome. Special mention goes out to capefeather, who did an incredible job on the CAP3 Report; I hope he does it again in the future. Can't wait to work with you all next issue!
Underrated DPP OU Movesets
Zapdos @ Choice Specs
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature (+SpA, -Spe)
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power Flying
- Heat Wave
- U-turn

Just a "minor" correction there. Anyway i didn´t liked the bottom of the barrel article because it bashed pokemon that are considered standard and have analysis on site that praise their unique niches. Besides that i always have a blast reading the smog and this one was no exception

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The Smog staff really outdid themselves this time (I know i constantly say this, but it's 33% more genuine this time). I Really dug the balance between quantity (lots of articles) & quality (lots of AMAZING articles). I want to see more articles like this in the future; I know its an unreasonable thing to ask but... Smog 21 was really enjoyable. It was arguably the funniest issue yet too (Jabba's interview, the IRC survival guide and some otherss)

Keep up the good work ♪
Sooo... this is going to be exceedingly nitpicky, but I was fascinated by the answer to question 7 in this issue's Trivia:

Including gender differences, alternate formes, shiny palettes, and all the possible Spinda spot combinations, how many sprites are programmed in total for all 649 Pokémon?
3 different Poses. 4,294,967,296 variations per Spinda; that is, 2^32 as Spinda are generated off the game's SIDs, which in turn are generated off 32-bit codes. Therefore across the three generations (RSEFRLG all had the same frontal pose, counting Emerald's animation as the same single pose), 12,884,901,888. Double that for shiny, 25,769,803,776 different Spinda. Of course, that's only from the front. The back has no design, so you have to add 6 back sprites making it a total of 25,769,803,782.
I love the attention to detail that went into answering this question! But I am wondering, is this the correct answer?

Later, Zystral writes:

"dcuajunco pulled off an impressive 9/10 points, losing it only on the Spinda question."
The question states: "How many sprites are programmed in total for all 649 pokemon?" however, the answer seems to only focus on how many sprites there are of one pokemon, Spinda. While Spinda has way more sprites than I ever realized, I want to see how much further this number would be boosted if it reflected gender differences, alternate formes, and shiny palettes total for all 649 Pokémon across the generations~ not just Spinda!

another minor nitpick fix the grass article says 85% acc for leech seed when it's been 90% acc since gen 1

it also says stuff about power whip chlorophyll venusuar which is illegal still ATM.


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Believe it or not, Scrafty used to be cool, but I feel like Tornadus-T was the final nail in the coffin.
sadly agreeing with SJCrew Scrafty just can't hold its wieght with the new flyig=ng threats Keldeo and Breloom with Techinician Mach Punch even though Scrafty is my 2nd favourite and i made an rmt based on him recently but he belongs in UU. Also this was probally the most enjoyable Smog issue for me nice work guys!


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He can sweep right through Keldeo, lol. Admittedly, I forgot about Breloom because he gets countered so hard in this meta even with Technician. :/
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