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Issue 34

Hello, everyone!

Putting this issue together has taken us a little bit more time than usual, however, Issue #34 is a pretty cool one and it comes packed with quite a number of interesting articles!

For those of you metagame-centric readers out there, over 1/3 of this issue's catalogue is made up of just that — Most Buffed Threats in XY OU, an Overview of Sky Battles, Berries in the XY Metagame, Monotype in Generation 6, and one of my personal favourites: A Look Back at the Heroes of Generations Past...
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We welcome your constructive feedback. You can leave that below and be sure to cast your vote on the poll we've included in this thread. As always, if you would like to write or draw for the Smog, give us a pitch in the Article Approvals subforum.

~ Setsuna, Flora, Toast++, skylight, Bummer, and sandshrewz
Something that must be pointed out:

- Body Slam
- Hyper Beam
- Earthquake
- Blizzard

Meet FishTauros, named after its legendary creator and able to strike fear into the hearts of its opponents with a single whip of its three tails.

That is not FishTauros. FishTauros was a moveset associated more with GSC than with RBY, and it is a moveset which, according to the people of this website today, is considered to be "banned from standard play".


Goddess Briyella

Banned deucer.
Great job on another Smog issue, guys! I caught a few errors that I'm hoping we can fix as soon as possible. :)

I'm not sure how this happened but there are sprite images of Chatot, Throh, and Heatmor in the Berry Juice article and they do not belong at all; those aren't even Little Cup Pokemon. Also Sewaddle and Cherubi's sprites are included for no reason. Can we please remove these and add the appropriate sprites that blizzardy included in his writeup? There's no Trubbish or Drifloon or Munchlax or Archen like there should be:

Bummer did the art for the Monotype article, but Magistrum is listed as the artist:

Kingler12345 should be listed as a co-author for the LC viability shift article:

^ Also in this piece, I notice a word missing:
Sand Stream now only lasts for 5 turns (8 turns with Smooth Rock), which only gives Drilbur a maximum of four turns in which to do anything; first you must set up sand with Hippopotas, switch to Drilbur, set up, AND attack, which of course assumes that the player wastes no time and is able to directly switch from Hippopotas to Drilbur...
"assumes" is missing and should be added where it's bolded here. This is my mistake but I cannot edit it myself. ^^
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I agree chatot is the best recycle bj user in LC!

anyways, this issue took a while to come out but it makes up for it in length! I really enjoyed nearly all of the articles and I think that the smog crew did a great job on this issue.

augh I was wondering why the last article was really long then I checked and it was by bmb
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I loved the article "It's Not Easy Owning an Eevee". It's just a shame that it didn't have any art or headings, which it made it look really jumbled up and untidy. Still, it was absolutely hilarious, my favorite article from this issue.
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Just noticed an error in my own article (Remembering our Roots) in the Scizor section:

A short while after Garchomp found itself kicked out of OU, Platinum version was released, gracing several Pokémon with a variety of new moves. None were more important than the addition of Bullet Punch and Superpower to Scizor's movepool, immediately catapulting the steel bug from its place as a solid, but often overlooked Pokémon to the most monster used in OU for the rest of the generation
Should be "most used monster"
GP wannabe in the house. These are all from the interview with Hugendugen:

With extremely environmentally friendly people, the nation of Denmark strives for green living and overall human welfare. Motor vehicles are not, in fact, the most used form of transportation; is it it is the bicycle that reigns supreme and is seen in every direction.
The second line from paragraph two.

Keep it up!.
From the first half of the introduction. I'm assuming the double punctuation wasn't deliberate.

Where in this airport would the "forbidden lands of the strong" be though?
From the second half of the introduction.

We all have different roles, but if you're really interested, this thread gives a pretty good run down.
This was about two-thirds of the way through the interview. I'm assuming that the words "this thread" are supposed to be a hyperlink. As it is, it's not.

Anyway, great issue, and I really enjoyed all of the artwork.


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I agree with Hula, I loved the Eevee article, but the lack of art really messed it up. Other than that, great job everyone!
Woo! It's finally here! I'm going insane now that I'm finding inconsistencies everywhere, is it possible to edit these articles even after the release? I didn't realize the owning an Eevee article would go without an image, so I wouldn't mind if the proposed image ends up being used. It's better than an imageless article.

Now to dive into all the metagame-centric articles. I love the Aegislash article so much <3


You're not referring to my article(s), are you? Yours is beautiful bugmaniacbob

Edit 2: Fun fact hidden within a spoiler I don't expect anyone to notice: the original concept for the Eevee article was written from the perspective of a spoiled Eevee. This is an excerpt from the raw version:

A Day in the Life of Eevee

Every morning I wake up and take a good look in the mirror. Perfection. My creamy brown and snow white fur overlap in sequential sexiness. My baby-doll face and giddy smile leaves people breathless in my presence. When people call my name, my ears perk up like an innate instinct to have the cutest frickin' reaction to a routinely mundane lifestyle. Honestly, it's a shame I'm not in the market for defibrillators. Who wouldn't want a piece of this adorable action, right?

Wrong. My life sucks Aspears. Everyday, at least one person walks up to my trainer and compliments me on my looks. Then, with the straightest face possible, they have the Poké Balls to ask “which Eeveelution are you going to choose?” Yeah. I know. No, this isn't a joke. They ask my trainer which form of evolution he's going to pick and force my body to change into, giving me one of eight disasters that'll completely demolish the amazing look I'm gifted with in the first place. Could you imagine living your life that way? Could you see yourself waking up to people squealing every time they look at you, just to suggest you stick yourself with a rock and instantly sprout three fins from your skull? Look, I'm not entirely sure what my trainer is into but I prefer not to watch my skin melt every time I play in the water. I'm sure if you were an Eevee you'd understand.

Luckily, my trainer loves me. He says it's my decision whether or not I want to evolve. Otherwise, I'd probably be walking around looking like I lost a fight with a lion and a faulty outlet. He favors Jolteon, the Pokémon most likely to need a perm one day. It still boggles my mind that he finds Jolteon awesome. I could look like that too without needing to evolve. Dye my fur yellow and white, throw me into a pool of hair gel and get a group of giggly girls to shape the spikes. Is that really all that attractive? Sure, Jolteon is exceptionally fast. But he also looks a fashion wreck. Just let me sport a cute Choice Scarf and I can be fast too!

Don’t get me started on Sylveon, pfft! Attention-seeking much? No one needs to wear two bows to look cute except Sylveon. Sylveon even refuses to be normal! With the ability Pixilate, every Normal-type move becomes Fairy-type, like a hipster that refuses to conform to the way everyone else battles. They turn every Hyper Beam into a sparkly beam of light so glittery they could vomit afterwards and still pretend they're adorable. Stop trying so hard Sylveon. Inly people obsessed with Fairy-type Pokémon will bother to acknowledge your existence.
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augh I was wondering why the last article was really long then I checked and it was by bmb
I don't know what you're implying, nope

You're not referring to my article(s), are you? Yours is beautiful bugmaniacbob
Thanks! The joke doesn't really work when my article's the last one in the issue, though...


Was a lot of fun to write something again after all this time; sorry that I sort of left at the worst possible time though. Obligatory congrats to everybody on a job well done.

Also my article's title was wrong so I submitted a change for that to the scms
I loved this issue. The rant about the eeveelutions was beautiful. The ReCap article made me laugh and all of the articles were informative and well-done. As everyone said, the eevee article could have used more art.


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Every error found here has been fixed. And, we hear you about the image about the Eevee article, and we've put it back. We had a miscommunication among ourselves, but all's good at the end!

Thank you everyone!
I loved the article about CAPs, though there is an error said about Necturna's concept:

[...] simply because it was so removed from anything that has ever existed before in the game—an actually competent Pokémon with near universal versatility—and very probably from anything that will ever exist. I say this because, barring event moves, Necturna's concept can no longer be fulfilled. The changes to Egg moves in the sixth generation mean that Necturna can actually learn Sketch more than once, through the Move Reminder, although this has not been implemented on Showdown owing to fears for the players' safety. There is a very real danger that a Necturna given Shell Smash, Power Whip, Sacred Fire, and Earthquake, or some similar combination, could escape from the Internet and begin eating people. So, for now Necturna must content herself with her old roles of just about everything you can think of and quite a few you can't, as well as a few new ones, like being pretty much the only competent Sticky Web user in existence.

So, until the day Mewtwo gets Sketch via an event (you know it will happen sooner or later), nothing of note can go here. [...]
Sadly for Necturna even event moves can be relearned with gen VI move reminder as long as the Pokémon was obtained in gen VI, meaning that Necturna's concept cannot be fulfilled at all anymore. If Mewtwo or something else learns Sketch by event its movepool will become the same as Smeargle's (unless the event Wonder Card is coded to disallow Sketch to be relearned, but I'm not sure Game Freak could do this).
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