Issue #35 Released!

What were your favourite articles this issue?

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interview with kokoloko was super sweet

BW Zeroes: XY Heroes was excellent as well. Thundurus-T had completely fallen off the map as a pokemon for me (it's never in any RMTs, never debated on viability thread, etc.)

thank god somebody made an article about ass vest
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Excited! Gonna check this out right after this post =)) Thank you everyone who contributed and keep up the good work guys!

EDIT: Late post but this was a great issue. :D Although I was a bit sad due to the lack of entertainment articles. Anyway all the other articles were creative and innteresting! Thx for the great work and keep it up.
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The whole issue was great! My favorite article probably was the Assault Vest one. I used to mistakenly put Assault Vest, rarely but surely, on Pokemon that didn't need it.
Thank you so much for the AV article. Now I have some reliable copypasta whenever my competitive friends randomly slap AV on their mons ;u;

Amazing art in this issue as well! Love the cover!
I absolutely love these Team Building Frameworks that explain their picks and deepen my understanding of Teams and yet also improve my own Building and Battling to realize their goals and means to utilize that goal.

As for the Spotlight's, they are almost the same and introduce me to the tier with better understanding of each Pokemon's Role and possibilities, the only downside I see in that, that lesser threats are less likely to get Spotlight and thus they may be used less effective by a wider array of people then something that requires little support.

Also the Assault Vest one was pretty nice, explaining the Item use and it's usage of when.
Haven't finished reading them all, but great work, particularly the Talonflame one. I'd been wondering how priority Brave Birds would be as threatening as people make it out to be, with its low Attack and all.
I did find two mistakes though:

In the Greninja article, specifically the first Greninja set:
Hidden Power Grass is quite nice, is it deals a hefty chunk of damage to Assault Vest Azumarill and Rotom-W, two common switch-ins to Greninja.
It should be:
Hidden Power Grass is quite nice, as it deals a hefty chunk of damage to Assault Vest Azumarill and Rotom-W, two common switch-ins to Greninja.

In the Talonflame article, specifically the "Playing with Talonflame" section:
While he lacks a fourth move to rely on with Swords Dance filling up a slot, and he has mediocre power if he doesn't get the chance to set up, the exchange is that he's not locked into a move, somewhat easing the need to predict somewhat, and he has amazing power when he does successfully set up.
Somewhat doesn't need to be said twice. Removing either one would work.
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