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In a metagame mostly absent of the knock off sets that have cast this former heavy hitter into RU, the Pringle Squid proves to be an unexpectedly functional special wall. Capable of answering many prevalent physical threats in Ubers thanks to its unusual typing and movepool, Jellicent holds its own against the likes of Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Lucario, Blaziken, Garchomp, and even some variants of Extreme Killer Arceus. With immunity to common normal-, water-, and fighting-type moves alongside handy resistances to ice and fire, Jellicent can prove to be an obnoxious hazard to opposing offense.

Unfortunately, Jellicent has several vulnerabilities that prevent it from truly shining in Ubers. It’s weaknesses to ghost and dark can be exploited, and a weakness to electricity means that Kyogre and Zekrom can utterly destroy the poor monopoly man. Nonetheless, Jellicent is a solid defensive and support option for checking several prevalent threats in the tier.

Physical Wall
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp Def

In a metagame where so many attackers rely on sucker punch to strike down ghost types, will-o-wisp is a dangerous weapon. Being able to drop a burn on targets such as Mega Kangaskhan or Mega Lucario can seriously change the momentum of the match, while Recover allows Jellicent to shrug off most responding attacks without much difficulty. Scald is another practical tool for burning targets (although it leaves you open to sucker punch), although some may prefer toxic or taunt to further cripple opposing teams (this works particularly against opposing bulky waters, who usually struggle to bypass Jellicent without Thunder). Finally, Hex can be employed to net surprise kills upon weakened targets, dealing surprising amounts of damage and OHKOing a wide variety of targets who are unable to OHKO back.

Set Details
Max investment in HP and Defense alongside a Bold nature means that Jellicent is capable of enduring serious punishment, able to survive at least one physical hit from anything barring Zekrom or Kyurem-B. The extra investment in Special Defense adds a little bit to Jellicent’s durability, although this can easily be exchanged for 4 EVs in special attack should one want to play more offensively.

Usage Tips
Switch-ins with Jellicent are usually viable given its three immunities and solid physical defenses. As a result, it functions as a great pivot for pokemon such as Arceus or Primal Groudon. Although Jellicent is capable of surviving most hits both physical and special, it is generally inadvisable to keep it around in the face of pokemon which can hit it neutrally for large damage. It should be noted that this set relies heavily on being able to set up status whenever possible, because elsewise Jellicent has trouble taking second or third hits. Toxic may be run to deal with opposing fire-types such as Ho-Oh or possibly opposing Primal Groudon, but keeping jellicent around in the face of some of these monsters is generally ill-advised.

Team Options

Pokemon vulnerable to fighting-type and water-type moves will appreciate Jellicent’s ability to absorb them with impunity, so Arceus, Darkrai, and Landorus can appreciate the squid’s ability to absorb such moves with impunity. Primal Groudon is a fantastic partner for Jellicent, adeptly handling most of its counters and benefitting from the squid’s solid defensive typing to meet most of its own counters. For those Groudon can’t handle, Xerneas and Mega Mawile subdue them nicely.

Other Options
Some sets may appreciate Cursed Body over Water Absorb, as the former ability’s crippling effect can prevent many foes from hurting Jellicent should they fail to OHKO it. Those willing to tempt fate may wish to run scald and hex without will-o-wisp, enabling them to deal damage more reliably but inflict status with less consistency. Shadow Ball is also an option for those who fear an inability to reliably set up.

Checks and Counters

Yveltal and other Knock Off users can trash Jellicent on the spot, frequently OHKOing it with sufficiently powerful dark-type moves. Be careful about switching into Will-o-Wisps, however.

Zekrom and Primal Kyogre seem like pokemon that Jellicent could handle, but their sheer power combined with their electric-type attacks can utterly ruin the poor squid. Kyogre doesn’t fear will-o-wisp, and is difficult for Jellicent to take down even when it carries hex

Primal Groudon is a problem for Jellicent to handle, being immune to burn and stopping scald in its tracks. This monster is the number one reason for a set to carry toxic, and those who don’t have it are going to have a rough time.

Darkrai ends Jellicent without difficulty, putting it to sleep and sometimes OHKOing the squid. Be prepared to take some serious punishment if somebody sends Darkrai out against your Jellicent.

Mega Sableye is the last major obstacle for Jellicent, able to bounce off any status moves that it throws out. In addition, it deals substantial damage with Foul Play, and can cripple Jellicent much in the same way Jellicent weakens other foes. Sableye is a strong argument for running scald.
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