Joint thread: Infinity Beyond

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I decided to close this thread and start my own thread.

List of Reasons:
- I don't think my partner (in this joint thread) is available.
- I decided to breed some of my own pokemon
- Taking a break from trading until I'm able to get more pokemon of my own
- To stop getting free pokemon from people so I can have fair trades and something good to trade for
- I wanted to be some good use to someone instead of being a burden
- Just wanted have a thread with lots of pokemon of my own (Compared to Elena90, Buckert, and Entei the swift)
- Trying to relief stress and not do several things at once
- Wanted to take pride with my own hard work instead using someone else's pokemon (Just how like I wanted to take pride with my own artwork and my own creations)
- Taking responsibilities
- Working on my artwork and creations
- Looking for a way to work on my patience, my tamper, my language, and my attitude. (And just because and only because I don't want to make anymore enemies and I don't want to make anymore people hate me.)

I might not be available too much but if I have any questions about pokemon games or something that I need to need to know, I can always come back and post on the SQSR thread.

A comparison:
A pokemon player is like an animator/artist
RNG abusing your own pokemon is like creating your own characters/art
Redis rights is like copyrighting
And Getting blacklisted is like getting sued.

If I have any deals/trades with someone that I haven't completed yet, just feel free to send me a pm to notify me instead of using a vm. Thank you.

I haven't decided when I wanted to start my thread. I guess until I'm able breed more of my own pokemon.

Agonist, Expert Evan, Shii, Nexus, TheMantyke - Mods, please close this thread. Thank you.
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