Tournament Karmafest [Round 3]

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Monotype Karmafest
Approved by Eien // Co-Hosted with Decemm

We’re getting closer to the end of this tournament as we are already at the quarterfinals! Most of you all know the rules by now, and your deadline is March 30. I was very pleased to see all matches get done on time last round and I hope to see it again! Please schedule accordingly and good luck for those still in the tournament :)

King Bouffalant Starmasters vs Hatching a Plan
King Billu vs The Excadrill
Bouff vs Bushtush
Star vs Its Hatch

:blobsneakattack: vs Dark Angels
Moosical vs Harpp
Tyke vs NLSlayer21
Ticken vs Arlaxeon

Lazy Ass Goons vs WoA + Staff Are Corrupt
TheAveng92R vs Clearly
EricSaysHi vs Eien
Feitan the steam vs Zarif

Team Name vs The Wankas
Lord Sylex vs Astolfo
MMagma vs Sabella
TheImcaness vs 1 True Lycan

March 30 is your deadline this week! Have fun and good luck to everyone again!​
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