Keldeo (QC 0/3)

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This Pokemon is Keldeo the Water Horse Pokemon. Some info:


It is a beast pokemon in Doubles, completely destroys the metagame.

Pokemon: Keldeo Type: Water/Fighting Ability: Justified: "Attack rises if you are hit with a Dark-type attack.(Base Stat Total: 91 HP, 72 Atk, 90 Def, 129 SpA, 90 SpD, 108 Spe

Well, this Pokemon was released as part of a legendary quartet of Pokemon, along with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, It remains to be seen as to which tier Keldeo and the other members of the quartet will beplaced in, but its looking likethey will all become OU basedon their stats. Keldeo's stats aren't bad at all, having plenty of speed, good defensive stats,good HP, and great special attack. Keldeo can even use a swords dance set well, even with its less than stellar attack, because of aqua jet and great stab moves. While Keldeo already resists dark-typed moves, Justified is a good ability, because it can switch in on a predicted dark-typed move and begin sweeping. Heart of Justice, combined with its typing, makes Kerudio a great counter to Pokemon like Tyranitar. All said, Keldeo can be dangerous when used correctly.

Ok, now for the possible move sets:

Calm Minder Keldeo with Life Orb/Leftovers/Wide Lens Ability: Justified
Timid nature EVs: 252 Spe, 252 SpA, 4 Def -Calm Mind -Hydro Pump -Secret Sword/ -Hidden Power Ice.

Well in this set, Kerudio uses its high speed, high special attack, and good stab moves to become a great sweeper. The first two moves are required and need no explanation. For the third slot, Sword of Mystery is preferred here. If you don't know, Sword of Mystery is a special move that has 85 power, 100 accuracy, 10 PP, and "It slashes at the opponent with it's long horn. The mysterious power of the horn deals physical damage." (quoted from Serebii) Since Sword of Mystery is a special attack, yet it deals physical damage, it can be used to wipe out special walls like Blissey and Snorlax. Believe itor not, Sword of Mystery from 252 SpA EVs would do more damage to Blissey and Snorlax then Close Combat would with 252 Atk EVs! This alone makes Keldeo a dangerous calm mind sweeper. Secret Sword is usually preferred. The last slot is used to hit Pokemon that resist water and fighting moves, such as Salamence, Gyarados, and Celebi. Also,some bulky water Pokemon and bulky grass Pokemon can also be problematic. HP Ice, on the other hand, hits Salamence and Celebi for super-effective damage, as well as hitting other Grass Types for good damage also. HP Ice is the preferred option for ubers, hitting two main counters, Rayquaza and Shaymin-S, for super-effective damage, Just keep in mind though that a stabbed Hydro Pump hits harder than a super-effective Hidden Power in most instances.

The EVs and nature are pretty simple for this kind of set. Keldeo wants to outspeed as many threatsaspossible,and Keldeo wants maximum attacking potental for this kind of set, so a timid nature is used along with 252 Spe EVs and 252 SpA EVs. The item choice is up to preferance. Life Orb givesKeldeo more power and less survivability,while leftovers gives Keldeo more survivability and less power. Wide lens is only an option if Keldeo is running both Hydro Pump.

Swords Dancer Keldeo with Life Orb/Mystic Water/Leftovers Ability: Justified
Jolly/Adamant nature EVs: (252 Spe, 252 Atk, 4 Def) OR (252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Spe) -Swords Dance -Aqua Tail -Close Combat/Sacred Sword -Aqua Jet/Stone Edge/Taunt/X-Scissor

Well, even though Keldeo only has base 71 Attack, it stillcan makegood useof a swords dance set because of its great stab moves and because of Aqua Jet. The first two moves are self-explanatory, being the best moves available for this kind of set. The third move should usually be Close Combat for the power, however Sacred Sword can be used to get past stat boosters that raise their defense. The fourth move is up for debate. Aqua Jet is preferred here, since it makes Keldeo a powerful, priority sweeper. Some other moves do have their merits though. Stone Edge provides great coverage with Aqua Tail and Close Combat, hitting the likes of Gyarados and Salamence, who resist water and fighting moves, for super-effectivedamage. X-Scissor provides a way to hit some trouble some grass types, especially Celebi who resists water and fighting moves. However, stabbed Close Combat almost always hits harder than a super effectiveX-Scissor does. Taunt is another option, stopping other sweepers from setting up and putting the brakes on opposing stall strategies. The moves for the fourth slot are listed in my order of importance, with Aqua Jet being the best move here.

The nature is up to preference here, however a Jolly nature is usually wanted to outspeed or speed tie some threats. A Jolly nature is preferred with the 252 Spe, 252 Atk, 4 Def EV Spread, however an Adamant nature does have its merits, such as providing a harder hitting Aqua Jet. For the other EV Spread of 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Spe, an Adamant nature is preferred, as the focus for that spread is to be a bulky Swords Dancer, not necessarily outspeeding threats. For the bulky swords dancer,Aqua Jet and Taunt are preferred over the other options for the fourth slot. The item is up for preferance also. Life Orb is preferred on the faster Kerudio set, Leftovers is preferred on the bulky Kerudio set, and Mystic Water can work on both kinds of Swords Dancers, in particular if Keldeo has both Aqua Tail and Aqua Jet.

Choice Scarf/Choice Specs Ability: Justified
Timid nature EVs: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 Def
-Hydro Pump/Scald -Hidden Power Ice/ Hidden Power Fire /Secret Sword.

"This Specs/Scarf set is almost unstoppable because Kerudios base 108 speed makes a unique revenge killerin Ubersand the Specs set can OHKO Blisseyand Skarmory. Sword of Mystery hits the opponents Defense rather than their Special Defense so Special walls are taken out. Hidden Power (Ice) is just a great move in Ubers, and with Scarf it OHKOs many dragons. Hydro Pump is for a giant 180 Base damage attack (270 with Specs). Boiling Waterhas a good 30% chanceto burn soit is not a bad option."

"Scarfchomp makes an excellent partner because it takes out annoyances like Palkia, which can OHKO Kerudio. Groudon can wall Reshiram but Drought is inconvenient for Kerudio. Kyogres rain support is always great but its coverage is similar to Kerudio. Scarfing Kerudio makes for an excellent revenge killerwhileSpecsblowsholesin both Specially and Physically Defensive pokemon." (from Hyperbeem)

Thanks again Hyperbeem and Tastelesshat for this set. Now I'll offer my take on it: Kerudio with Choice Specs and Choice Scarf can be a beast. Its signature move, Sword of Mystery, allows it to hit specially defensive walls, most notably Blisseyand Snorlax. Hydro Pump is preferred for the second slot, as it is Kerudio's most powerful water move, and it needs all of the power that it can get. Some other options for the second slot are Surf, which hits for consistent damage and consistent accuracy while having less power than Hydro Pump, and Boiling Water, which has that 30% chance to burn the opponent, which can come in handy at times. Boiling Water does have less power than Surf and Hydro Pump though. For the third slot, a hidden power is used. For Ubers, HP Ice is probably the best option, as it hits Shaymin-S and Rayquazaforsuper-effective damage, both of which resist your stab moves. HP Ice also hits many other Dragons for super-effective damage, likeLatias, Latios,and Garchomp, as well as hitting many grass types for super effectivedamage. For OU, HP Electric is probably the best option, hitting Gyarados, who resists Kerudio's stab moves, for lethal damage. It also hits water types hard in general. Lastly, HP Fire can be used to hit Celebi and other problematic Grass types for super-effective hits. The fourth slot is mostly filler really, since sadly, Keldep doesn't have many more options. Surf is probably preferred for a consistent attack, but Focus Blast can be used for a "special" Fighting move, and Boiling Water can be used for the chance of a burn.

The EVs and nature are really simple here. Since Kerudio has that great base 108 speed stat, it almost always wants a Timid nature and max speed and max special attack EVs.


I hope everyone enjoys this.
I'm sorry, but Keldeo has already been finished, and we would have let you know that if you followed the directions and checked the reservation thread here. In addition, Pwnemon pointed out that you used the wrong format (we use the current format so each analysis uploads onto the site's dex correctly), and those sets aren't very good in a Doubles format. However, it is always exciting to see a new user with interest in Doubles, so I encourage you to check out this Overview to Doubles to learn more about the metagame and what is good.
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