Korean Translation Project

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I am not sure if this is something Smogon is looking for at the moment, but I do believe this will be an interesting project. I am also fluent in Korean so I thought I might be able to help.


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In order to begin a translation project, you must be able to gather enough motivated people.
I'm not sure about it when I read your post : Are you willing to begin a translation project (korean) or do you just want to join a train if there's ever one ?
Both options are good anyway, it's just so things are clear.
I wouldn't mind doing either.
If there is a more active user willing to take over he project, which has yet to begin, I will of course would not mind at all. I was hoping to see if there were any Korean-fluent users willing to translate with this thread. At this point, I have not gotten any responses but one. If this was not an appropriate thread to be made, I do apologize.


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Posting here to say that I know Korean pretty well and I'm fully supportive of this project.

Anyone else who can speak Korean should either reply to this thread, or talk to lordkira, or me or whatever because we aren't psychic and we don't know which users can speak Korean!


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Posting in support of this, not because I can contribute, but because the number of downloads for RNG Reporter from Korea is more than half that of the US. They're taking the competitive aspect of Pokemon very seriously, so a section that caters to them would be nice.
I would love to do this but I need A LOT of help.
Are there anymore that are willing to help?
Help would be greatly appreciated.


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This hasn't been approved yet, so read this and pay extra attention this part:

If you're interested in working on translating Smogon content into a particular language, you must send an application to administrator Bloo and moderator Agammemnon stating the intended extent of your project and the names of members who have agreed to participate. The members who you list MUST be able to write in said language on a high level. It is advised to have someone who can HTML your work, as these translations will eventually be put up on-site. "Intended extent of your project" basically means how much do you intend to translate, what sections of Smogon you intend to translate, and so on (again, list the members who have agreed to help). If you are unable to find people willing to help with your project prior to sending me a private message, I will allow you to post a "who's interested in helping me with this project" where people can sign-up to help.
So, basically, send me a PM explaining everything you intend on doing for the project and the members that have agreed to help you. Test everyone's ability to write in Korean before saying they're going to help you. If you can not find member's willing to help you prior to sending me a PM you will be allowed to post a recruitment thread to gather people to help you, only if I approve your project. Further instructions will be given to you if your project is approved.
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