Gen 2 kungteam (old net battle)

i needs a rate of gsc team for me, is a team i make many year ago but not know how good it still is good if can help , but i know is good team. i play on net battle for year..a long times ago ehehe. if my englis bad, i am from the sweden and not know it very good.

fagelkung (Zapdos) @ Leftovers
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Thunder

type of team is: spread Para, so i spread with 30 cent para. thunder is strong and hit hard, my type of plays. rest and talk so Nidoking is even bad worse, and hp legend no ban is allow to ice Egg and Wak and others. not much to say.

benkung (Marowak) (M) @ Thick Club
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Hidden Power [Bug]
- Swords Dance

this is guy that likes the paras for he is not fast, so paras is help him a lot. the strong of thick club make him good for teams of any. sword boost and i can swepp if they are paras. hp bug hit Eggy who is a big loser. Marowak is again not much to say on it.

musslakung (Cloyster) (M) @ Leftovers
- Spikes
- Surf
- Icy Wind
- Explosion

the Cloyster is one that i have thinked about for long time. used to have some moves of not same, hidden power Electric and Toxic also. Rest is bad, not use. spike is very good for team, make some kos easy and things. i like have Icy wind for let me to explode easy..scare Starmie and raikou for me to spike or boom if they stupid to stay..predict is easy you sees.

kampakung (Machamp) (M) @ Leftovers
- Fire Blast
- Cross Chop
- Hidden Power [Ghost]
- Body Slam

i also think of Machamp for long time, but curse was set until not long time. Fire blast let me hit stupid Skamroy for damages of high cent, cross Chop is hit the Snorlax real good and strong. again i tries to paras all of team, so Body Slam to paras them. Ghost for the not use gengar, is weak.

sovakung (Snorlax) (M) @ Leftovers
- Rest
- Body Slam
- Curse
- Lovely Kiss

Snorlax, ah, the strong pokemon of game. i can spreads the paras more with more Body Slam is good for my team, and the sleep of lovely Kiss let me sleep some dumb poke like the Miltank or the Skary so i can sweps with my Marowak. i Curse just for curse, no reason but that it is big and good for scare the oppo. rest is for HP point, not to big deal of.

aggkung (Exeggutor) (M) @ Leftovers
- Stun Spore
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Psychic
- Explosion

i like the Egexutor only on my team, they are hard to switch. Stun spore help me paras for the Marowak , and also have Fire for dumb skarm..Psychic for strong, and if i ka boom on oppo important poke, some Marowak stoper, i can sweep then also.

please sugesst change, i do not know what i change, because team is very much win (only los to borat i think..or was havoc?) so i think is good, but we see. thank s you for rate time.


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This is basically the standard offensive core of Zapdos/Snorlax/Cloyster/Egg/Steelix/Filler, sans Steelix in favor of Marowak as the Ground. Not too much novelty going on here.

Machamp needs Rock Slide for Zapdos. Perhaps over Fire Blast or Body Slam, or even over HP Ghost since you're hoping to have Cloy Explode on Starmie anyway. You could also stand to run Curse on this set, too. Something like Cross Chop/Rock Slide/Curse/Body Slam would be a pretty cool idea. I'll leave you to innovate, though, the main point is that Machamp's set should have Rock Slide.

You have no phazer or any other way to deal with Umbreon/Misdreavus. Misdreavus is especially bad for you, since it gets to switch in for free against Snorlax all the time.

As weak as you claim Gengar is, it actually gives you a ton of problems. Snorlax can't touch it, and your whole team is slower. Furthermore, barring Machamp and Snorlax, your whole team takes Super-Effective damage from Boltbeam.

A quick fix to your Ghost problems and lack of a phazer is Roar Tyranitar. Rock Slide/Roar/Pursuit/filler (Fire Blast, Crunch, Curse are all options in the filler slot). Unfortunately, you'd have to give up either Marowak or Machamp to have Tyranitar on your team.
predict is easy you sees.


please sugesst change, i do not know what i change, because team is very much win (only los to borat i think..or was havoc?) so i think is good, but we see. thank s you for rate time.
I think you need to disconnect your ego from the high-pressure gas line.
magic 9shroom , if you only post like a asshole to me.. not post maybe?

jorgen, i no have Rock Slide on machamp for areason, when zap see no rock it bait thunder/bolt so i get free wak.

umbreon i not see problem, Machamp and marowak sometime is good switch. i maybe if Baton passer, but not usual.

Misdreavus is problem, yes. but it can gives marowak free switches , which is good. after time 1st they send a Missy, i can predic with Lax an get free Wak switch in. it is all about out think your oppo..

everything on team (not lax until sleepo) can hits gengar. it not a threat. can switch , yes , i know about this. and you are good in talking of it. everything hit it though. cloyster - ehhh - but most yes. i have use t-tar in before, and not like. cannot stop Machamp or Wak, lose to much.

this not supre standard 5 year ago. maybe you ares now joining. no one use hp fire on aggy, when i play.

thank s you jorgen. you see good changes, but i think them before is problem. ehehe
Zapdos beats marowak more than it beats machamp.

Umbreon with Mean Look gets free kills and wins in <20 turns.

They can do the same with misdreavus and get free switches to egg/zap or something.

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