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•Primal Kyogre's primordial sea ability allows it to cancel out Primal Groudon's desolate land as well as effectively making his fire type STABs redundant.
•The effects of primordial sea are lifted if Primal Kyogre switches out or faints, allowing fire types of your own to sweep, albeit at the expense of allowing theirs to do the same.
•Kyogre has access to calm mind, origin pulse as his primary STAB, an ability which grants a 50% boost to water type moves in the form of drizzle and a absurdly large special attack and defence to play as both a special attacker and defender

• Kyogre has an underwhelming base speed of 90, generally forcing to play in more of a bulky role, although 100hp and 140 (pre-reversion) or 160 sp.def after reversion makes him an outstanding special wall.

• Kyogre faces stiff competition from other walls in the tier such as Lugia, Giratina and arceus-normal.

[NAME] calm mind
Move 1: Ice beam
Move 2: Origin pulse
Move 3: Thunder
Move 4: Calm mind
Item: Blue orb
Ability: Drizzle
Nature: Calm/ Modest
Evs: 252 Sp. Def 252 Sp. At 4 hp

[Set comments]

Origin pulse has a brilliant base damage than scald or surf, and better accuracy than hydro pump as well as heavy rain boost and STAB.
Ice beam provides good coverage against grass types among many others as well as perfect accuracy and solid base damage. Thunder deals a brilliant amount of damage as well as perfect accuracy in rain with potential paralysis, not to mention the multitude of flying types this move can 1 or 2HKo.
Calm mind offers a great setup option which allows it to tank most hits very well as well as boost its already brilliant special attack so that origin pulse can even wreck havoc to those who resist it.

Sp. def and sp.attack evs allow it to even 2HKO blissey after a calm mind and take multiple thunderbolt or energy balls. The choice between natures come mostly down to the rest of the team, though modest is usually preferred.

Checks and counters

Kyogre has a somewhat underwhelming defense for it to be able to take many physical moves, in which the meta currently centralises on. Additionally, pokemon with access to low kick or grass knot such as greninja can exploit its weight. If a primal groudon switches in to it, it will have huge huge promblems due to his water type immunity and kyogre's lack of super effective moves besides earthquake, which is, of course, a physical move, forcing him to play a much weaker set to counter the deadly primal groudon.
Your analysis is in the wrong format; as it hasn't received any QC checks, it should be in the skeleton format as specified here

That aside, I'm not QC but there are numerous problems with this analysis. It doesn't face 'competition' with Lugia at all - the two Pokemon play completely different roles. Your EVs make no sense - Kyogre always invests in HP to augment its mixed, rather than special, bulk so it can better take hits on all fronts while hitting hard. Your Checks and Counters section neglects to mention anything save for Primal Groudon, which, in itself, is poorly explained. Your overview does not state Primal Kyogre's role in the metagame, focuses far too much on Primordial Sea, and mentions Drizzle - regular Kyogre is completely unviable.
I'm fine with letting new writers have some leeway but this is all over the place. No tag, no formatting at all, little information outside of the obvious...etc. Kyogre is a mon that requires higher quality and i gave the benefit of the doubt to let non-badgeholders have some fan favorites but this is too far gone to fix and just ends up with QC doing it for you. Feel free to try again and take a less important mon AFTER studying how things work in C&C.
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