Late Night Tours - Season 3, Week 1: Pokebank OU - Won by ShakeItUp

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Late Night Tours are back for another season! LNTs are a great way to meet other IRC users and compete for a chance to win halfops in #pokemon. These tournaments take place anywhere from 6-9 PM Central Standard Time on Saturday nights, with an exact time announced every week before it takes place. Signups will open exactly an hour before we start the tournament and will close either at the end of the hour or as soon as we get a good amount of entrants. After signing up, you're expected to be on IRC in #pokemon to make it easy to contact your opponent. At the end of our five week season, whoever has the most tour wins (or in the case of a tie, the best overall record in tournaments not won) will be rewarded halfops. There can be exceptions, however; if aldaron or any of our sops chooses, they can veto any winner from receiving halfops. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on IRC or ask me on my Smogon profile. :)

For our first week, we're going to kick things off with one of our newest XY metagames—Pokebank OU. This tier takes all of our known information about the XY metagame and allows unobtainable Pokemon from previous games to be used as well. For this tournament, any illegal combinations still allowed on PS will not be usable. This means illegal combinations, such as Gliscor with Defog (4th gen HM) and Poison Heal (Hidden Ability, only obtainable in BW and XY) are not allowed, along with items not found in XY (most notably, gems and certain berries such as Custap Berry). As far as I know, there is no full list of unobtainable items and move/ability combinations, so if you have any questions about this, contact someone who would know (most people on IRC, myself, etc).

This tour will take place on Saturday, November 23rd at 8 PM CST (GMT-6). Signups will open at 7 PM. Best of luck to everyone!
I uh
was a little late

signups are open! starting in ~45 minutes or when we get 16 people, whichever happens first!
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