Latios Vote: Now with 100% less LonelyNess!


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Mr.Darkrai is also left, and it's funny because of these three people, we don't know which way any of them are going to vote. Well, I know what Great Sage is going to vote, but the other two did not disclose this info in their submissions (obviously Mr.Darkrai did not). So this should be fun up until around the time we get tired of waiting for them to vote, lol
Voted. Since there are 2 voters left and the score is 14-17 that makes Latios Uber correct?

Just to explain why I was unsure. My original intent of voting was Ubers but a few have made me think about it being OU that is, but after thinking a while I stuck to my first choice which was Ubers.

I was also unaware that I had almost 1000 Suspect Battles all I did was click the button to find a battle. Did I battle the most?
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