LC Analyses Discussion Thread

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This thread is for any analyses that have already passed QC or are on site.

I've noticed in the other tiers that people have been commenting on threads that have already reached the DONE stage asking the OP to add a set or questioning the ones that are already there. This thread is to remedy this problem by allowing people to voice their concerns here, and then the QC team can look into the suggestion.

So, in other words, Do NOT post in a thread that is already past the QC stage asking for a set to be added or for a different EV spread to be the main one. Voice that concern here. Failure to do so may result in an infraction and a deletion of the post made. However, you are free to make suggestions about the slashing and the ordering of the sets in thread, and of course anything concerning the write-up including adding a counter, teammates, or including something in OO.

It should also be noted that making piddly "This analysis is awesome" posts should be avoided as they only necro old threads and clutter the sub-forum (however if the write-up is truly exceptional I obviously don't care if you congratulate and praise the writer, just avoid necroing long-dead threads).

Also, this thread will be for discussing analyses of Pokemon once they are on site.
It was removed and replaced with Return, the sole reason it was present was to hit Gligar and without Gligar its useless so it is no longer there.

This is the most powerful set Diglett is capable of running. With its huge Speed unbeaten by any Pokemon not running Choice Scarf, Diglett can inflict a great amount of damage before it goes down. Earthquake is Diglett's strongest STAB attack, hitting anything that doesn't resist the move hard. Rock Slide nets great coverage alongside Earthquake, and the two moves are only resisted by Bronzor in Little Cup. The third slot is a big toss-up, and depends very much on the situation. Sucker Punch is an all-round great priority attack for Ghost-types that decide to attack Diglett, and also makes it a capable revenge killer, but could leave Diglett vulnerable if they decide to use Substitute. Shadow Claw is more reliable, but doesn't have as much power and cannot hit Normal-types. Finally, Pursuit is an interesting option that allows Diglett to trap Levitating Ghost-types low on HP, and allows it to play mind games with Gastly.

Jolly is the preferred nature on this set as it allows Diglett to reach 20 Speed, the fastest in the unboosted metagame. Hidden Power Fire is an option in order for Diglett to net a surprise 2HKO on Ferroseed, but Ferroseed can easily KO back with Bullet Seed or Seed Bomb before Diglett can KO it. Since Diglett takes minimal damage from Stealth Rock, it doesn't need much support to function properly. Choice Scarf users such as Misdreavus and Snover make great teammates though, as they can clean up the remains once Diglett has sufficiently weakened the opponent's team.
Misdreavus is banned.

Also, there's no Dream World section.
Should the Abra analysis be updated since Abra now has legal access to Magic Guard, or is the DW section meant to be permanent? It kind of seems like a lot of trouble to update every Pokemon's analysis once their DW ability is released, so I'm pretty sure the DW section is meant to be permanent, but Idk. :)

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