(LC) Baltoy

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Baltoy @ Berry Juice
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 36 HP / 76 Def / 196 SpA / 196 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Cosmic Power
- Calm Mind
- Rapid Spin
- Earth Power

This set is to provide Baltoy to become a mixed wall and being able to hit foes pretty hard. Although outclassed by Pokemon like Abra and Onix, Baltoy is used best as a special bulky sweeper. With decent defenses and a moderate special attack stat, Baltoy may not look powerful at a glance, but this set is to make Baltoy look more intimidating than usual. Thanks to Levitate, Baltoy can comfortably destroy traps that are set up by the opponent such as Sticky Web and Spikes. Baltoy is recommended to be played usually when the opponent's Pokemon is either a support or during midgame.

-Cosmic Power is used to make Baltoy's defenses slightly higher, therefore on it's way to becoming a mixed wall.

-Calm Mind is used to not only raise Baltoy's special defense, but also special attack.

-Rapid Spin not only attacks, but also removes hazards such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, Leech Seed, Sticky Web, and Toxic Spikes.

-Earth Power is Baltoy's strongest Ground-type STAB, which also has a chance to lower the foe's Special Defense. Earth Power is best used when Calm Mind has already been used.

-Without Berry Juice, Baltoy has no use of recovery. Eviolite is a good option, but it has slight disadvantages.

Checks and Counters:

Because of it's bad typing but decent ability, there are several counters for Baltoy, but there are ways to make Baltoy overcome them to gain victory.

Priority moves: Sucker Punch Pawniard and Shadow Sneak Duskull can cripple Baltoy and shatter it's health bar into nothing.

Dark Types: Poochyena, Pawniard, and Houndour can give Baltoy a difficult time with their Dark STABs. They do have to watch out for Hidden Power Fighting Baltoy, however.

Ghost types: Gastly and Duskull can make Baltoy cower in fear with their STAB Ghost moves. They do have to watch out for Shadow Ball if Baltoy is given it.

Taunt: Onix and Meowth are some Taunt users that can cripple Baltoy badly. Baltoy will not be able to make itself formidable, but switching or attacking is also a choice.

Knock Off: This move can make Baltoy surrender quickly. Without viable recovery, Baltoy becomes technically useless.
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I ain't on the QC team, but you normally gotta go and reserve a mon on the pseudo-analysis thread first. It's stickied at the top of the LC Analyses page.

Pretty sure Baltoy qualifies for a pseudo-analysis, not a real one, so go around and check a few pseudo-analyses before you post your own; they're not supposed to be as in-depth as normal analyses.
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