LC LC Majors II - Stage 1 (Pools)


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calling act on corporal levi. Scheduled time was 45mins ago and no sign of life. We compete in porygon pool
Decided Games:

Mareanie Pool:
Voltix v. Noxx (activity win)
Noxx v. Mattakata (flip win)
Noxx v. Pamplona (activity win)

Porygon Pool:
Corporal Levi v. tlenit (activity win)

Scraggy Pool:
MZ v. King Billu (activity win)
King Billu v. Nineage (activity win)

Ponyta Pool:
fatty v. Lauriane (flip win)
Lauriane v. FP (activity win)
Lauriane v. Shiba (flip win)
FP v. Shiba (activity win)

Grookey Pool:
Arts and stuff v. zben (activity win)
Arts and stuff v. daniYSB (activity win)

Omanyte Pool:
zeefable v. Sunrose (activity win)

Snover Pool:
CMDoge v. Nahomitsoa (activity win)
megatyler30 v. Hyssou (activity win)
Nahomitsoa v. Hyssou (flip win)

Sandshrew Pool:
Raichy v. Kurukaito (flip win)

Tiebreaks (Deadline: June 20 11:00 PM EDT/UTC-4):

Mareanie Pool:
Voltix v. Mack Knife

Sandshrew Pool (round-robin, single-winner):
Acehunter1 v. Axelsior
Acehunter1 v. Stecolomaxx
Axelsior v. Stecolomaxx
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Activity Decisions:

Vulpix Pool:
CHADESM vs 447323a (coinflip)

Charmander Pool:
Bag of Trixx vs Mindnight (coinflip)

Natu Pool:
Drolegde vs Bananers (activity)
Bananers vs NHelioX7 (activity)

Mudbray Pool:
Omnnislash vs Ara (coinflip)

Frillish Pool:
TopLel TopKek vs HSOWA (activity)
TopLel TopKek vs Skyyxc (activity)

Croagunk Pool:
Hats gave win or loses activity vs all

Amaura Pool:
ProDigeZz vs GotCookies (activity)
Drogba In Shenhua vs GotCookies (activity)
GotCookies vs ZNK2 (coinflip)
ZNK2 vs Drogba In Shenhua (activity)

Spritzee Pool:
trace takes activity loss vs all

Magby Pool:
Asuno vs SOM/05 (activity)
Asuno vs GasaiYunoSan (activity)
SOM/05 vs GasaiYunoSan (coinflip)
SOM/05 vs giove97 (coinflip)

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 10.11.57 AM.png

Tiebreaks for my pools:

Charmander Pool:
daunt vs vs EternalSnowman

Natu Pool:
tazz vs Bananers
tazz vs yovan33321
Bananers vs yovan33321

Tyrunt Pool:
txitxas vs LightScreener
Drafeu-kun vs txitxas
LightScreener vs Drafeu-kun

Deadline for tiebreaks is Sunday June 20, 11:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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