LC LC Majors II - Stage 1 (Pools)

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Vullaby pool:
Elfuseon - act win over false
Kate - act win over damflame3
Coconut - act win over damflame3
false vs Coconut - coinflip (won by false)

Elfuseon and Kate advance.

Timburr pool:
Z Strats - act win over jm2202
gali - act win over jm2202
gali - act win over Shark4U
Camden - act win over jm2202
Shark4U - act win over Camden
Z Strats vs Camden - coinflip (won by z strats)
Z Strats vs Shark4U - coinflip (won by z strats)
jm2202 vs Shark4U - coinflip (won by jm2202)

gali and Z Strats advance.

Diglett pool:

Shrug vs bb skarm
Shrug vs Zephyri
bb skarm vs Zephyri

Trapinch pool:
kythr - act win over Primal Rush
Alkione - act win over Primal Rush
Cam vs Primal Rush - coinflip (won by cam)
Cam vs e~t~h~e~y - coinflip (won by e~t~h~e~y)

kythr and Alkione advance.

Onix pool:
EriDBst - act win over afakedugong
EnzoLapras - act win over afakedugong
EnzoLapras - act win over jcbc
afakedugong vs jcbc - coinflip (won by jcbc)

Nat and EnzoLapras advance.

Ferroseed pool:
Mikaav - act win over queso
Mikaav - act win over Bushtush
Foukrou - act win over Bushtush
Bushtush vs Mr.Bossaru - coinflip (won by bushtush)

Mikaav and Foukrou advance.

Foongus pool:
avarice - act win over KokenoCastro
Astrø - act win over KokenoCastro

Xiri vs avarice
Xiri vs Astrø
avarice vs Astrø

Koffing pool:
Sciroccoo - act win over Rymifyy
Curly Brace - act win over Rymmifyy
Failures - act win over Rymifyy
KJLX - act win over Rymifyy

Sciroccoo and KJLX advance.

Deadline for tiebreaks is Sunday June 20, 11:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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