Tournament LC Old Gens League: Group Stage

Haru NerdOKing Seo. LilyAC Ampha Splash Louna iss Melon iKiQ Alkione Fylkir Pudin

Probably should've done this earlier, but what's going on guys? Y'all haven't played a single game yet. Deadline is next week.

Actually as a reminder to everybody, deadline is next week, so please get your games in.

In other news: Things are heating up in the Moon Group as we are guaranteed to have at least a 3-way tie for the last playoff spot, and potentially up to a 5-man Thunderdome situation for 2nd and 3rd place depending on how things shake out. Which will be pretty exciting and we'll see if other groups begin to shake out similarly as they finish up their games.

Thank you for your participation so far, and I hope everyone is having a good time with the tour

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