LC Player of the Week 5: Jox

After haxing the shit out of my opponents with a venipede i started to love it. Bug types are most times really cool imo and venipede look awesome in general!!!

Write a haiku?? Whats that lmao

I like making desserts. Tbh making and creating desserts is how I make my head empty. Weirdly there are connections with cooking and playing mons, if you are creative enough and you can find different ways to approach making/creating a dish what can work out for you in the end. I live in Friesland in the northern area of Holland. You are from Belgium so im afraid you need to drive longer :P
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No wonder you like making desserts haha. That's the one part of Holland I havent been to but I imagine it's nice and cold and yeah that's like a 6 hour drive iirc. But cool!

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