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I think Lickitung is another great defensive mon that's underrated. It can reach 27 HP and 20 in either of it's defenses. Being a pink blob, it likes to wall stuff, obviously, but lickitung also has amazing physical bulk. A set of Dragon Tail/Wish/Heal Bell/Protect provides your team with amazing support in the form of a 14HP Wish, and status healing with Heal Bell. Dragon tail is a cool move, especially with hazards.
Timburr is quickly growing on my as one of my favourite LC mons, its just so great right now and is able to take on a lot of threats in the metagame.

When I first started playing LC i used an offensive Timburr to take on threats like Scraggy and Carvanha, but after the Carvanha ban I found myself with fewer and fewer reasons to include Timburr on my teams, it has to contend with the other fighting-types in the metagame. With Mienfoo, Riolu, Scraggy, and Croagunk, who has room for Timburr anyways?

However, in this metagame, I can't build an effective team without Timburr. Timburr is just insane with all the threats it keeps in check. It makes Snover's life miserable, and can set up alongside the majority of the metagame. Now I may be overvaluing Timburr a little bit, but the little guy is just so bulky, I can't not use him! So my question to you is: What do you think of Timburr, is it as valuable as I think it is? How does it compete with other Fighting-types like Croagunk? I know me and blara have had a few disagreements over which one was better for a certain team :P

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I've been laddering a lot lately (350+ games this month) and while ladder really isn't exactly the highest level of competition, it does provide a pretty good overall view on the metagame.

I've found that sand teams drop off once you get into the 1700s and above, as they're actually really hard to properly build. So many sand teams are destroyed by a conservatively played Snover. I've played a few sand teams with Pawniard and it is actually a really solid check to Snover. The main problem with it is that it doesn't provide much for a sand team outside of killing Snover (no Water resist). It also can be 2HKOed by HP Fire if predicted, and this is surprisingly difficult to play around. Bringing it in after a sacrifice is probably the most reliable way of actually getting a Pursuit off, but even in that case you're down a Pokemon (every Pokemon is vital on a Sand team) and Snover doesn't even die to a single Pursuit. It's certainly a novel way of getting rid of Snover, and one of the most effective as well.

Double Rush has become much less common- many sand teams are only using Drilbur as a swepeer. It's incredibly difficult to cover everything with four Pokemon; it's practically impossible with three. Life Orb seems to have become the more common Drilbur set, as people have figured out that letting Drilbur get an SD is pretty much a death wish if you don't have Snover/Porygon. Drilbur can almost always get at least a kill per match, but it really isn't enough when the rest of a sand team has to be built so defensively in order to deal with Snover. Even getting a kill with Drilbur can actually be a pain since it gives Snover a free Blizzard/Giga Drain. While sand is still pretty centralizing, it isn't anywhere near the terror it was at the release of Sandshrew or during the pre-unban metagame.

Porygon is certainly one of the best Pokemon in the metagame, being able to kill Prankster Murkrow and non-NP Misdreavus with ease, trade evenly or kill NP Misdreavus, and survive an attack from any +2 Shell Smasher and Thunder Wave back. Mienfoo and Timburr are pretty annoying, so a Ghost-type is pretty much necessary. Misdreavus is Misdreavus, Frillish is nice for actually being able to sorta beat Timburr, and Drifloon is just a fantastic mid-lategame sweeper. However, Porygon still struggles against LO Murkrow (2HKO with Brave Bird and no Prankster to Trace) so it isn't quite a foolproof counter. It's one of the best Pokemon to use for climbing the ladder though, as its immense bulk means that random shenanigans like Elekid are fairly easily stopped.

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