Tournament LCPL 4 [sign ups]

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bb skarm

the bigger they are, the harder they fall
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oras / bw
ill be heading to wyoming somewhere later in july for a while but ill be pretty clear for getting matches done
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Name: TyPar
Tiers Played: ORAS
Limited-to-no internet access week of July 12 only.
I'll be around constantly otherwise.
I'm also the most enthusiastic LC player around. ;P
PS nick: blast95
Tier: oras LC
Activity: june after 28th july 7th - 20th august 15th - 30th
Love LC since 2015 <3
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name: Ecna
tiers played: ORAS (i was around during Murktite & Missy but I sucked then)
any foreseeable inactivity: Since it's Summer I have a lot more time on my hands so n
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Name: -Tynamo-
Tiers played: ORAS LC, Tangma, BW
any forseeable activity: Ill be gone from the 21st- June 27th
Name: FairlyFleek-_-
Any foreseeable inactivity: None that I can think of.

Would prefer to do LCUU, but can preform just as well in standard LC.
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