Tournament LCPL 6 - Administrative Decisions

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You will find everything that I need to make a decision on in this conversation from here on out.

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Regarding - Assistant Managers in LCPL 6

The managers have collectively agreed that they would like assistant managers. Each manager chose their assman and we used a fair system to determine the price of each assman. Listed below are the prices of each assistant manager.

Fiend to The Waterless Wynauts for 13k
to The Froakies for 8.5k
to The Weeaboo Wailmers for 13k
to The Snivy Subterfuge for 7k
to The Lit af Litleos for 8.5k
to The Belchsprouts for 20k
to The Guerrilla Goletts for 10k

The Stunting Stunkys have chosen not to pay for their assman, Vileman. As a result, he will be an official assman, and will be able to participate in the draft or send in his team's lineup, as well as subbing their players in and out, but he will not be able to play for his team as no money was paid for him.
Regarding - The Weeaboo Wailmers

Nineage has requested a team name change from the The Weeaboo Wailmers to The Crystal Onix. The other managers have given their blessing and I have no problem with this.

Result: The Weeaboo Wailmers will now be referred to as The Crystal Onix.
Regarding - Player Slots

After plenty of manager discussion, community feedback, and consideration from all perspectives. We have decided to increase the number of player spots from 6 to 8. The metagames that will be played are 4 SM / 2 XY / 1 BW / 1 DPP.

6 Players starting each week -> 8 Players starting each week.
Regarding - DPP: Best of One vs Best of Three

After talking to a majority of the players and gauging opinions from as many people as I could, I completely ignored all of them and went with my own decision instead. DPP will be Bo1 unless both players can get to me in writing, saying that they would prefer to play a Bo3 this week. If both players agree, the Bo3 can be played. This also needs to be done every week, I will not assume that you want to play a Bo3 every week.

Result: Best of 1 unless both players agree to Best of 3.
Regarding - Fender vs Drew

In Week 2's DPP LC game between Drew and TheFenderStory of the Snivy Subterfuge and The Belchsprouts, respectively, Fender's Carvahna used Aqua Jet, which did less than what the calculator showed. The roll was mathematically impossible and therefore was considered a server-side glitch. In the occurrence of a situation like this, both players accept the possibility of sim errors. As a result, The Snivy Subterfuge were given the option to either replay the game or accept the win and chose to take the win.

The replay can be found here, the turn in question is 31.

Result: Win awarded to Drew of the Snivy Subterfuge.
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