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It's finally time for season 8 of the Little Cup Premier League!

Our teams are as follows:

70% Ban Rate Wingulls
, managed by dcae and mad0ka
Activity Call Archens
, managed by Melon and tazz -- tryout server
Greed Up Geodudes
, managed by Kingler12345 and Star
Pugnacious Phanpys
, managed by Nineage and tko -- tryout server
Shambled Shellos
, managed by fatty and taranteeeno -- tryout server
Skitty Committee
, managed by LilyAC and Fille -- tryout server
Tactical Totodiles
, managed by Coconut and Fiend
Taillow Swifts
, managed by Serene Grace and Ninjadog13 -- tryout server

Our tiers will be SM LC / SM LC / SM LC / SM LC / SM LC / XY LC / BW LC / DPP LC. On top of filling these 8 slots, each team needs at least 2 substitutes.

Tourbanned users may not play.

Please format your signups as follows:

Tiers played:
Significant Time Missed?:

Signups end on the 18th at 11:59 PM EST. The auction will begin on the 20th, at 1:00 PM EST.

Best of luck!
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