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(art by Kaiju Bunny)

It's time for LC's most popular tournament! For the 9th year running, welcome to the Little Cup Premier League! I will be co-hosting this edition with Merritt.

This year's teams are as follows:
, managed by Ninjadog
Activity Call Archens
, managed by BurntZebra
Greed Up Geodudes
, managed by Kingler12345
, managed by Star
Shambled Shellos
, managed by fatty
Skitty Committee
, managed by LilyAC
Pancham Fam
, managed by Coconut
Taillow Swifts
, managed by Serene Grace

As you may notice, there are no assistant managers on this list. This year, instead of assistant managers, each team will be allowed to retain up to one player from the previous season. The 5 returning managers inherit their previous teams. The remaining 3 managers have been randomized: Star is taking over for Nineage, BurntZebra is taking over for Melon, and Ninjadog is taking over for dcae. More information on retain logistics will come in the Admin Decisions thread.

Managers have the opportunity to buy themselves. Each manager has been informed of their price, and their decisions will be made public in the Admin Decisions thread.

Our tiers will be SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SM LC / XY LC / BW LC / DPP LC. On top of filling these 8 slots, each team needs at least 2 substitutes.

Tourbanned users may not sign up.

Please format your signups as follows:

Tiers played:
Significant Time Missed?:

Signups end on April 10th at 11:59 PM GMT. The auction will begin on Saturday, April 11th at 3:30 PM GMT.

Please use this thread only for signups, and confine everything else to the commencement thread.

Good luck to all!
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