Tournament LCPL - Week 3

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Was scheduled to fight jeran yesterday and I accepted his request to delay it for today
Waited an hour since the appointed time today and I still don't see him online Z:
I'll try to wait another hour or so but if he still doesn't come online I'll call for activity because it's already 12am for me and I have school work to do

edit: seems like there's gonna be a double sub
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I was supposed to battle ifm on Thursday at 8pm EDT and I was online for about two hours at that time before having to leave. I offered to reschedule for Friday and Saturday, both days of which I was online / idle for at least 6 hours, and received no contact. I continuously checked both my and ifm's profiles for VMs, bugged by managers to hunt down his managers, used rozes as a middleman - you name it. At this point, the game's not looking like it's going to be completed and waiting for ifm to appear has wasted enough of my time so I'd like either activity or a sub, though I know our team has lost the week already.

I'm planning on spending today with family but if ifm can manage to get online or another player is subbed in, I'll do my best to find time to play.

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Won vs ict, and sry bro, you are one of the people that kept me positive in this competition and i wanted to have a good fight against you and not like this. I haxed you a lot and i hope you're not mad bec of that. Just so you know, i still enjoyed playing vs you and i wish you the best in future battles

We are bro's lets go undefeated from now
My guy, I couldn't be more happier for you and ur 1st w :) don't sweat it, thats how the game goes most of the time and I messed up myself. Don't worry I wouldn't put a tournament match between a friendship G so keep it up the work and I wish ya the same for the future buddy. BIG FAN GG!!
Get a room.


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Who the fuck do you think you are to insult the beautiful friendship between Ice Tea and Jox? Yeah, I'm calling you out ItzViper482 you insensitive piece of scum. It's people like you making comments like "Get a room" that perpetuates the homophobic and aggressive mentality that pervades the LC community. Its instantly obvious to all involved that the brotherly love between ict and jox is a true rarity in this day of frantic scrambling to lengthen ones e-peen. In fact, no two other battlers may have ever had the level of mutual respect that these two titans of our metagame have for each other, and their relationship should serve as an example to every other player in this tournament. In this day and age when people will grab at timeout wins, go for sextuple Iron Head flinches, or dodge a Leaf Storm to win, then drop a snarky "gg" in the chat, the community should be aspiring to be at the level of our two heroes, who understand that at times, the RNG may favor one battler over the other, but that this is no cause for hatred or discord. Shame on you, Viper, for targeting this beautiful relationship with your hateful, homophobic three words. Shame on you.
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