Tournament LCPL XI: Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction June 17th @ 11 AM GMT -4]

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username: shinyxauroraV2
timezone: gmt+8
tiers played: SS LC, wanting and willing to learn others
significant inactivity: let me know when we play and odds are ill be able to play
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Username: Hachimura
Timezone: GMT+1
Tiers Played: SS LC (but willing to learn any other metas)
Significant Inactivity: as long as i am aware that there is a game scheduled there should be no problem
tiers played:sslc but ill learn others
significant inactivity:sometimes unless im aware of a game time and date, also on wendsdays past 5 until 8
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Username: H1gh-res
Timezone: GMT+5
Tiers played: SS (building & playing) / SM (playing with building)
Significant Inactivity: Can't do anything next week, sorry...but nothing else.
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username : acnt / aconit
timezone : gmt+2
tiers played : mostly ss lc, somewhat XY but i really prefer SS
significant inactivity : the 3 first weeks are fine, week 4, 5 and 6 probably too but i won't always be available in the evening. Unsure about week 7, i could have a lot of time or very little. Very little availability during the playoffs. I'm fine with benching
Username: Stickbuggeedd
Timezone: GMT+1 (or UCT+1, if you will)
Tiers: AG, Doubles OU, National Dex OU, and of course LC.
Inactivity: I'm not sure but my aunt broke her back if that helps ;v;


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Username: San Tomas
Timezone: GMT -6 (Mountain Daylight)
Tiers played:
ORAS to Current
Significant Inactivity:

I got some heat cooking up, promise

I'll even redownload discord
Username: TheEGirls
Timezone: GMT +1
Tiers played: Lc SS and SM
Significant Inactivity: Not really

I play Lc sinds long time and want to see what can do against the best players

credit for the awesome art to Gummy

The biggest LC teamtour of the year, LCPL, returns for its 11th edition! This LCPL will be hosted by myself and Finchinator.

There will be no retains this year.

Note that by signing up you're agreeing to play for whatever team purchases you. Refusing to play for any team will be treated as cancering and be punished accordingly.

Managers will be allowed to buy playing rights for themselves. Each manager will be informed of their price, and their decisions will be made public in the Admin Decisions thread.

Our tiers will be SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SM LC / XY LC / BW LC / DPP LC. On top of filling these 8 slots, each team needs at least 2 substitutes.

Tourbanned users may not sign up.

Please format your signups as follows:

Username: nazgg6) real name naz
Tiers played: none so far
Significant Inactivity: 3:00 pm

Signups will be open until Thursday, June 16th at 11 AM GMT -4.

Please use this thread only for signups.

The winning team of this tournament will be awarded a custom avatar!

Good luck to all!
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