Tournament LCPL XI: Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction June 17th @ 11 AM GMT -4]

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credit for the awesome art to Gummy

The biggest LC teamtour of the year, LCPL, returns for its 11th edition! This LCPL will be hosted by myself and Finchinator.

There will be no retains this year.

Note that by signing up you're agreeing to play for whatever team purchases you. Refusing to play for any team will be treated as cancering and be punished accordingly.

Managers will be allowed to buy playing rights for themselves. Each manager will be informed of their price, and their decisions will be made public in the Admin Decisions thread.

Our tiers will be SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SM LC / XY LC / BW LC / DPP LC. On top of filling these 8 slots, each team needs at least 2 substitutes.

Tourbanned users may not sign up.

Please format your signups as follows:

Tiers played:
Significant Inactivity:

Signups will be open until Thursday, June 16th at 11 AM GMT -4.

Please use this thread only for signups.

The winning team of this tournament will be awarded a custom avatar!

Good luck to all!


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Username: MZ
Timezone: -5
Tiers played: SS/SM/XY
Significant Inactivity: I don’t anticipate building much but I can always play


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Username: Lasen
Timezone: GMT+3
Tiers played:
Significant Inactivity:
I will be inactive 11-18th of July

I am a plight to humanity and a sore loser. If you draft me you will have a good chat presence but an awful player.


Banned deucer.
username: pinorska
Timezone: GMT-4,
Tiers: all, mostly dpp,
inactivity: no

Managers: went positive in lcpl with wins against alot of good dpp players, made round 7 of lc open, very active, willing to do tryouts and support every slot.
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