Tournament LCWC - Finals (Won by US East)

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LCWC - Finals

Congratulations to both teams for making it to the finals of the inaugural Little Cup World Cup! The competition was (fairly) fierce and I'm excited to see how the last six matches are decided!

This is the first season of such a widely requested tour, so let’s keep drama out of this. As hosts, the best thing you can do is to just get your games done and have fun. If any issues arise, we’ll be referring to the Tournament Rules & Guidelines, but it shouldn’t be necessary. If you want to submit teams for fear of a disconnection, that’s fine, please open a smogon pm with both of the hosts (Nineage and Xayah) and include the full import of your team, but it’s not required. Anyway, please just play your games and keep it cool!

Final standings can be found here.


North America West v. North America East
SM: HT vs. TDK
SM: dcae vs. Kingler12345
SM: trash vs. ABR
XY: mad0ka vs. Shrug
BW: FLCL vs. Star
DPP: Melon vs. bro fist

Deadline is Sunday, February 10 at 11:59 EST.
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Hello, I am calling activity on behalf of ms. doka. Shrug refuses to play at the scheduled time of 11:30 PM gmt-7 and other possible times this past week. He also has been EXTREMELY active this whole week and has been johning with poor excuses like (found in LC discord) or even straight up ignoring:

for reference who is who in LC discord
Shrug is Mr. Hands Across America.
trash is trash.
Coconut is ligma.
madoka is doug krow.

on sunday.

*asked to play then a few minutes later he shitposts

on monday.

and continues to shitposts once again then decides to type up a 0 iq excuse

on tuesday.

and proceeds to shitpost in discord later

on wednesday.
he ignores me while continuing to talk in lc discord

doka and i try again to get him to play as she can't play on the weekends, which he uses another god awful excuse

on thursday.
he straight up ignores doka

Obviously, scheduling in a discord chat is not good so I did as what everyone should do which is vm on smogon. I vm'd shrug for ms. doka on Monday 2:21 PM (times will be in gmt-8 unless said so) and said that she isn't able to play on the weekends is able to play any time and day on the weekdays (aka for the past ~120 hours). Shrug didn't respond until Wednesday 7:49, a few days after contact, and said he is only able to play on the weekends WHICH ms. doka is not able to. I told him to reread the original vm a hour later and he did not respond with a date and time to play.

Shrug decided not to properly schedule, so I chose a date and time for him since I believe he is unable to use his brain and do it himself. He decides to say to get this extended (?), but why should it be extended if you are active and purposely johning to a date where ms. doka cannot play? Why haven't you put in effort to schedule and play the game? Are you actually dumb and unable to do this yourself without star whispering in your ears what you should do? The game was scheduled on February 8, 2019 on 11:30 gmt-7 and he missed the schedule. No, he didn't even miss the schedule he purposely did not want to play and hope that this can get extended. I warned him that I would call activity if he does not show up and he told me "go ahead." Which leads us to me writing out this activity post.

Have you tried contacting the manager of East?

Yes, I have and she decided to do nothing at all!

on wednesday.
[7:46 PM] trash: @ligma sub him out or make him play friday
[7:46 PM] trash: or we are taking act win
[7:47 PM] trash: or tn works
[7:47 PM] trash: or thursday
[7:47 PM] ligma: processing.

I hope you are going to process this activity loss!

East obviously is relying on either:
a) getting an extension, which should never happen at all.
b) the host forcing us to double sub, which also should never happen.

The reasons why those should never happen is because we have put in effort in scheduling and actually cared, while Coconut and Shrug does not care at all which can be found from above.

Wait! The scheduled time you posted is really late for east people!!! Madoka decided to give Shrug one last chance and asked in the afternoon. Yes, the afternoon where he was AVAILABLE (possibly even all day today!).

[2:11 PM] doug krow: @Mr. Hands Across America play rn?
[2:12 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: no
some other logs showing he was clearly active:
*asked the LC discord for recommendations to watch with other comments after
[3:22 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: anyone got any movies
[3:26 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: this hasnt been very helpful
[4:01 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: ive read the book
[4:01 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: is it diff?
[4:06 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: anyone trying to get into watching college lax this fall
[4:06 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: spring i mean
[4:28 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: when u hear doris and not mjax >>>>>>
[4:29 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: boban and jokic on the floor together is too much heft
[4:30 PM] Mr. Hands Across America: simmons is so nasty

He said he couldn't play tonight and we gave him another time today and he refused to play. Shrug was also very active for the next two hours ms. doka asked to play and did not play.

Coconut please tell Shrug to play before 11:40 gmt-7 or sub in a player before that because ms. doka needs to sleep. We will be taking the activity win otherwise.

tl;dr give us act because Shrug has been active all week and actively dodging madoka to the point where he can't play anymore or make him play now/give us a sub
? i dont know what there is to respond to? I gave two very clear, very long windows during which i was available. i have obvious, understandable reasons i could not play during the week. madoka actually indicated she could play on the weekend for a different tour while I gave all my tour opponents weekend dates. hm! anyway what are discord messages and activity hours worth? not a ton. given there's good reason to believe madoka lied about her activity we should actually be getting the act call, but since this is the finals i'll be magnanimous and say i'll play this weekend or in the few days following.


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the assertion that madoka can play on this wknd is blatantly false and based off a fellow east supporter's post shown here:


when in effect doka replied yesterday already clearing up the matter that his wknd availability is normally variable (this wknd being a clear example of that potential unavailability).


you are trying to hold doka responsible for being unavailable this wknd based on POTENTIAL availability in future weeks.


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LC Leader
Promised myself that I would keep this as clean and civil as possible, despite the fact that our opponents refuse to do the same.

I understand the current situation between the two players is far from ideal. Both players not being able to get a game done for a whole week is not what you like to see in any tournament, let alone the finals of one. I'm going to start by going over the scheduling that took place, and then mark a response to trash's post. I also want to clarify that I don't have any personal beef or bad blood with any of the players on West and neither should anyone else, I appreciate them all as friends and members of the community—they are just doing what they need to do to win, or what they believe is best.

(All times are EST)
Starting off with the scheduling, if you take a look at Shrug's wall, you will see a post on Monday at 5:21 PM from trash, claiming he is scheduling on behalf of madoka. I will get into why this is alarming later, but for now, just roll with me. Normally, a fair assessment of time to respond to a VM is as quickly as possible, which did not happen, but the absolute maximum amount of allotted time would be 72 hours. Shurg responds to trash's VM on Wednesday at 10:49 PM. While cutting it fairly close, it doesn't even cap over 60 hours, let alone 72. The main issue between the two stems at madoka not being able to play during the weekend at all, while Shrug not being able to play during the week at all. West perceives themselves to be in the right here, because the weekdays have more total hours than the weekends. However, what they failed to recognize is the scheduling guide states that weekend hours are generally given more weight than weekdays. This is because weekends are generally more flexible for players as they are able to organize some time from their busy schedules to coordinate a time, without having to worry about work, internships, classes, or even extremely documented and communicated interviews. Now I understand that things happen on weekends for some people, and that unavailability during the weekend is an issue, but I think it's just as, if not more understandable for someone to be busy during the weekdays. Later on in the week, trash picks a time for both of them to play. Shrug never agrees to this time. For trash to claim that Shrug missed a scheduled time is absolutely absurd.

Now, onto the discord messages, the supposed "smoking gun" that trash's post is centered around. Personally, I get a ton of tags and messages on Discord in general. I have plenty of commitments and things that I dedicate myself to. It is often in times that I might miss a tag or simply ignore one that wasn't particularly relevant to me. I think it would be fair to assume Shrug does the same. If he was being constantly tagged by someone, it would probably irk him to the point where he would ignore it. That being said, there is a significant reason the Tournament Rules and Guidelines specifically states that VMs are the quintessential form of communication. If I was playing an LC ssnl and scheduled in the LC Discord, there's no way Merritt (bless his heart) would track down the messages in the Discord. While I agree Shrug probably shouldn't have blatantly ignored them, he's under no obligation to actively respond to those messages, as he used Smogon VMs accordingly. Towards the end of the post, trash claims the following:
Shrug decided not to properly schedule, so I chose a date and time for him since I believe he is unable to use his brain and do it himself. He decides to say to get this extended (?), but why should it be extended if you are active and purposely johning to a date where ms. doka cannot play? Why haven't you put in effort to schedule and play the game? Are you actually dumb and unable to do this yourself without star whispering in your ears what you should do?
Not only is this rude and brash, but claiming that Shrug purposefully chose times that did not suit madoka's liking is an egregious claim. Shrug openly stated he had interview(s) during the week. Madoka is aware of this, as evidenced by trash's logs. With that in mind though, I'm of the opinion that West didn't really want to play this game out in the first place. Madoka didn't even log on to schedule herself, she had trash do it for her. This should be a huge red flag if madoka didn't log on in the first place to organize times with the respective opponent. Nevertheless, I'm being told I don't have the time to delve into this. So I won't.

All in all, I don't think this is a clear case of activity for either side. I think this should either be a double sub, or if the extension won't be granted, a dead game altogether.


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There are a couple facts you are misrepresenting to change this situation to suit your needs. Most significantly is how Shrug's interview, as per his own words, was on Thursday. I, and West, cannot begrudge him for prioritizing his real life over Mons. However, on Friday, as madoka tried to contact him and get the game done, he willfully ignored her attempts to get the game done that day. This can be proven by Discord evidence of him chatting for around two hours straight following madoka's attempt to get the game done asking for movie recommendations and talking about the basketball game he was watching.

To reply to your other point, although Shrug may have missed some of the messages due to constant tagging, the majority of them he responded to and deflected without further attempts to try and get the game done. Ultimately, we are calling act because Shrug has demonstrably undermined all our efforts to schedule and get this game done, especially on Friday, the day both of them were available. We do not like having to call activity in finals either.

Finally, I apologize for trash's rude behavior. I agree with the point of his post, but his attitude toward Shrug is unacceptable.


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As the score is tied, this series has gone to a 3-game tiebreaker. NA West has selected BW as a tiebreaker meta, and NA East has selected SM. The third slot defaults to SM.
Good luck to both teams in this tournament-decider! Posting scheduled times is appreciated :)



North America East v. North America West
SM: Kingler12345 v. HT
SM: ABR v. trash
BW: Star v. FLCL

Deadline is Friday, February 15 at 11:59 PM EST.
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