Tournament LCWL Week 7

I wanna thank my managers and all my teammates for giving me a fun experience. I’m glad and honoured you chose me and spent so much money. All I can say is to apologise about my score. I should have played better really sorry. This shows I have to improve more.

anyway ggs to all my opponents you all played really well, you were all cool with the scheduling time and I hope to face you in other tours (I had fun playing with you).

gl and hf to each team in poffs.
May the best win!


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The Official Smoliv Garden Accuracy Check Final Results!
So in the end, in terms of raw misses, the Smoliv's luck was about even with their opponents. Smolivs also used more moves that miss, but that's not pondered over the total amount of attacking moves used, so yeah. Expected vs real accuracy is the expected accuracy of all the not 100% accurate moves weighed by their respective usage and accuracy. Both Smolivs and their opponents seem to have missed moves more than expected. In their games, the most common moves by far, Will-O-Wisp and Hurricane, also seem to have hit much less than expected for both sides...


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