Learnsets on the Dex should now be fixed


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For the past few months (actually longer, but w/e), I've been slowly working on fixing learnsets on the Dex since we now have that capability. So all of the GSC learnsets should be accurate with RBY carryovers, the BW and DPP learnsets should be accurate with the DPP and ADV carryovers, and all past-gen event-exclusive moves should be accounted for. RBY Tradebacks will not be included on the Dex since we do not recognize tradebacks in competitive play. And afaik, the ORAS and SM learnsets should already be accurate.

However, this does not include the RBY moves for the SM learnsets, since as I'm making this thread I just now remembered that that is also a thing... so I will get to that. eventually.

That said, this is mostly just a holy-fuck-I-finished thing since I did it all by hand and cross checking every single evolution family and there are likely some mistakes.

So, if anybody catches any more just add something here. The main points that I'm worried about are split evolution family lines, like the Clamperl line and the like, since when we transferred to the Dex we have now the old data split the moves in between the evolved forms in a super messy way which is just a huge headache to try and fix at the same time I was doing the generation carryovers.

So ya. Rejoice I guess
I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this. But the Sun and Moon Dex shows that Zoroark can learn the move Sludge Bomb. I can't find anywhere else that shows it can learn the move Sludge Bomb and I can't teach it in the game via TM36 or breeding. I believe it should be removed from the list of moves it can learn. There is even a moveset for Zoroark including the move sludge bomb in it under the Sun and Moon Dex. I apologize if I posted this in the wrong spot but I thought this was the best place to post it at thank you for your time. I hope this helps.
My apologies, thank you for the help and quick response. Also, on that note is there anyway to mark or annotate that a move is only obtainable for a pokemon through an event? I understand if it isn't possible because of the time and coding it might take to make something like that happen. And if not now, then perhaps it could be added to a list for the future, when another overhaul of the site is done. I believe everyone would benefit from it. Thank you again for your help and listening to my humble opinion.
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