Lethal Aspirations {OU}

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Lethal Aspirations
A Crimson Swampert RMT


---> This is my latest go into the field of competitive battling. The initial idea was to form an offensive scheme off of the acclaimed defensive combo of Heatran and Celebi. Over time, it grew and revised itself numerous times to become what you see today. Bulky offense is where I have always excelled; hyper offense can deteriorate too easily and frankly, stall bores me to death. This team has shot me up to a rating of 1420; while none too impressive in the eyes of more experienced battlers, this is the big time for me; a new high that I have now reached. So please, don't go bugging me about my rating. It's all I got.

---> Oh boy, here comes my copy-and-paste rant that I stole from my other RMTs. I have noticed that recently a good chunk of all the RMTs posted have one line descriptions, sometimes no pictures, and I begin to question if a lot of them have even been tested. Now, I will admit that I used to post RMTs like that. Most of them decent descriptions (except for the first couple), but none of them had been play tested. As soon as I uploaded Shoddy and went back and took my former teams for a spin-and they were utterly awful. If you're still reading this, please, please post proper RMTs. If you don't it means good RMTs are being ignored so we can rate your mediocre team. It irritates those who actually put effort into there teams instead of taking 15 minutes to come up with random crap.

Now, it starts...


Item: Lum Berry
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Jolly
HP 80/ATK 252/SPE 176

* Iron Head
* Fire Punch
* Body Slam
* Stealth Rock

---> Jirachi is a very capable lead. Nice defenses, great typing, and a wide movepool allow it to be. Jirachi is chosen over many other leads because of its coverage to Lucario and its reliability to setting up Stealth Rock. A really great thing about Jirachi is his tendency to lure in Choice Scarf Heatran, one of Lucario's and Celebi's biggest counters, and paralyzing him with Body Slam, which leaves him victim to a Lucario sweep, seeing as Heatran is often a team's best answer to him. Body Slam is my answer to Azelf leads, as Fire Blast will never OHKO without Specs or Life Orb and Body Slam offers a 60% chance to render him useless. Body Slam is also a nice answer for Gyarados, who cannot OHKO with a +1 Life Orb Waterfall. Iron Head is a gimme for the Serene Grace flinch hax that it offers, and combined with Body Slam's paralysis it ca be a real pain to deal with. Lum Berry is backup insurance against Smeargle and paralysis, and can prove very useful on Baton Pass teams using Mean Look passing Umbreon with Yawn. Fire Punch hits Magnezone, who would otherwise wall and kill me, and is my main check to Swords Dance Lucario, who is OHKOed after a Close Combat defense drop.

---> There are few leads that I truly face difficulty with. Against Heatran, I immediately switch in Latias to take either possible blow, as it is too risky to lose Heatran to a mis-predicted Earth Power. Now, I can deal quite of bit of damage with Surf. Hippowdon and Swampert both use Stealth Rock the first turn, seeing as Earthquake will never OHKO anyway, and then switch in Celebi to scare them off with a STAB, Life Orb Grass Knot. Against Infernape, I switch in Latias again to hopefully scare him off or kill him. Empoleon can be trouble, as he resists everything except Fire Punch, so I usually set up Stealth Rock and switch to Celebi since most choose to run Grass Knot as opposed to Ice Beam. Bronzong and Metagross both take pitiful damage from Fire Punch, but since Metagross will never OHKO me I can set up SR. Bronzong only 3HKOs with Earthquake, and Hypnosis is hindered by both pitiful accuracy and Jirachi's Lum Berry. I switch out to Celebi after setting up SR on both of them and then switch back to Jirachi to take an Explosion or a Meteor Mash, further scouting his team.

---> Jirachi really does some neat things to support the team. As previously mentioned, Jirachi is great at luring in CS Heatran, a major Lucario counter, who he can then paralyze with Body Slam. Body Slam also works well to paralyze other Jirachis, who are a pain. Stealth Rock is pivotal to many Lucario KOs, such as Skarmory, who is always OHKOed by +2 Close Combat after Stealth Rock. Stealth Rock helps against the faster, more powerful Gyarados that Lucario cannot outrun, putting them near Extremespeed KO range.


Item: Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
6 HP/252 SATK/252 SPE

* Draco Meteor
* Surf
* Thunderbolt
* Recover

---> Latias is a very nice special sweeper when it gets the chance. She is hindered by rather low flat-out sweeping power and absolutely no way to beat Snorlax or Blissey. Draco Meteor really flat out hammers things that don't resist it, and actually hits resisted Pokemon for more damage than a neutral Surf or Thunderbolt would. Surf provides excellent coverage alongside Draco Meteor, hitting everything except Empoleon for neutral damage. Thunderbolt makes taking on Gyarados and Suicune a breeze, respectively OHKOing and 2HKOing the likes of them. It also nails Empoleon for super effective damage. Recover heals me of pesky Life Orb recoil, and is very useful to get a free 50% back when facing enemy Infernapes, who almost always switch out. Latias can really come in handy late game, out-speeding most of the metagame and hitting each and every one of them hard. Latias, while not an entirely needed member of this team, is still preferred over other LO sweepers, and hopefully my logic will clear some things up here ahead.

---> When I was deciding a Life Orb sweeper that fit this team best, I mulled around for a while amidst my tests of these three options. Infernape provides fabulous coverage, two awesome STAB moves and the ability to easily destroy Blissey one on one, although it lacked sufficient power to take on those who had to be hit neutrally with a non-STAB attack. Gengar boasts amazing power and the ability to take switch in with ease, although it relies on a shaky at best 70% accuracy move to take on Tyranitar, who otherwise traps and kills, as well as Scizor, who can either use Pursuit or beat it down with priority. Meanwhile, Heatran and Infernape were both proving to be menacing threats to my team. Neither Gengar or Infernape could switch in without the threat of taking collosal damage. Latias could safely switch in to either of these threats, resisting Heatran's strongest move and being Infernape's single greatest counter outside of maybe Vaporeon. Latias could also deal great amounts of damage to the both, possibly OHKOing Heatran while being guaranteed a one-shot on Nape. Latias is also my best switch in to Gliscor, OHKOing him with Surf. With Lucario just begging for choiced Dark and Rock moves, Tyranitar Pursuiting me automatically becomes beneficial. Scizor meet Lucario on the switch in as well, since he bears a 4x resist to U-Turn as well as Pursuit, or also Heatran, who is Scizor's worst nightmare. Thus, Latias entered the team.


Scizor**Pursuit Weak
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Technician
Nature: Adamant
176 HP/100 ATK/232 SDEF

* U-Turn
* Bullet Punch
* Pursuit
* Roost

---> This is the Uber trapper Scizor set of of Smogon. This set still packs a big punch, and has specific purposes on this team. Bullet Punch is pivotal to my team's success, as it revenge kills big threats like Salamence and can sweep some hyper offense teams in its own. U-Turn is Scizor's greatest asset, scouting switches and dealing heavy damage, and since Scizor lures in Lucario counters, this can be very good for the team. Roost heals off Life Orb recoil when it begins to take a toll, and ensures a long ride for anything that can't 2HKO Scizor. Pursuit is the crux of this set, being my best way to hit ghosts and kill Rotom. With Technician, it does 60 damage even without a switch. The Special Defense EVs are for surviving the blows of what I'm trying to trap more easily. Hopefully my logic explained below will help.

---> Scizor is my means of stopping Latias (a huge Celebi counter), Rotom-A, and Gengar (both Lucario counters). If I can get him in on a Rotom-A Choice Scarfed Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball, or off of a kill, I can proceed to trap and kill Rotom. The situation is similar with Gengar, only now there is no threat of Overheat. Life Orb Gengar can be tricky; I will usually Bullet Punch as not to sacrifice Scizor unnecessarily to a freak Hidden Power Fire. Once it becomes apparent that Gengar is not running such, I'm free to strike with Pursuit. Latias normally doesn't carry Hidden Power Fire (although the percentage that does is on the rise), and Surf never 2HKOs, so Latias is doomed from the start. Here are some damage calculations from these Pokemon:

---> Pursuit OHKOs all of these Pokemon on the switch, and Bullet Punch nails Gengar and Latias for heavy damage. Rotom-A is the tricky one here, as if I switch Scizor into Will-o-Wisp or Overheat I'm screwed over. MysticGar is flawed in that it will scout Bullet Punch, attempt to switch, and be caught by Pursuit. Aside from trapping duties, Scizor is also my biggest Latias counter, killing her with U-Turn or Bullet Punch before she can tear up the rest of my team. Bullet Punch and Lucario's Extremespeed are my main way of revenge killing things, as Bullet Punch revenge kills Salamence, Dragonite, and Dragon Dance Tyranitar. Here are some damage calcs from the Pokemon Scizor needs to trap:

252 SATK Timid Thunderbolt- 38.27% - 45.37%
132 SATK Timid Thunderbolt- 34.26% - 40.74%

252 SATK Timid LO Surf- 34.26% - 40.43%
252 SATK Timd CSpecs Surf- 39.51% - 46.60%
252 SATK Timid Surf- 26.23% - 31.17%
128 SATK HP Fire- 69.14% - 82.72%
252 SATK HP Fire- 77.78% - 92.59%

252 SATK Timid LO Focus Blast- 48.15% - 56.79%
252 SATK Timid LO Thunderbolt- 38.27% - 45.06%
252 SATK Timid CScarf Thunderbolt- 29.63% - 34.88%
252 SATK Timid CScarf Focus Blast- 37.04% - 43.83%

Item: Life Orb
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Naive
6 HP/252 SATK/252 SPE

* Fire Blast
* Earth Power
* Hidden Power Grass
* Explosion

---> Heatran is a member of the original CeleTran core. With Choice Scarf Heatran so popular, Life Orb Heatran has a huge window to operate with. Life Orb grants him enormous power, with Fire Blast doing enormous damage to even resistant switch-ins. A lot of Pokemon that switch in may be fragile, but they expect to put their Fire-resist to good use since CScarf Heatran lacks overwhelming power. Here are some common place, fire-resisting switch-in's damage calculations.

Fire Blast vs. 0/0 Naive Infernape- 63.82% - 75.43%
Fire Blast vs. 4/0 Jolly Flygon- 50.66% - 59.60%
Fire Blast vs. 4/0 Naive Salamence- 51.51% - 60.54%

---> Switching into a Fire move for Celebi, Lucario, Jirachi, or Scizor can pay off, as Flash Fire boosted Fire Blast adds up to ridiculous damage totals. Life Orb allows me to trick Heatrans switching in for a Flash Fire boost, predicting a switch and Fire Blasting while I gain a Flash Fire boost as well and OHKO the with Earth Power. Earth Power's other uses are to catch Heatran switches off guard, and hit other Fire-types for heavy damage. Heatran is important for me to not be totally destroyed by Pursuit Scizor + Choice Scarf Heatran. Hidden Power Grass catches Swampert and bulky Waters off guard, OHKOing Swampert and Starmie. Explosion is my secret weapon, ripping Blissey in half and blasting through all but resistant Pokemon and immune Pokemon.

---> Heatran pairs very nicely with Celebi type-wise. Heatran receives a Flash Fire boost for switching in on a Fire move for Celebi, and Celebi can begin the process of Calm Minding against a Water, Ground, or Fighting type move. Heatran lures in and kills other Heatrans and soecial tanks to open up a sweep for Celebi. While his main purpose is to deal with Celebi, he's also another way to deal with Lucario's Rotom-A problems, getting a Flash Fire boost from Overheat or Will-o-Wisp ad proceeding to OHKO.


Celebi**False Dreams
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Timid
72 HP/252 SATK/184 SPE

* Calm Mind
* Grass Knot
* Psychic
* Hidden Power Fire

---> Calm Mind Celebi can be a force to be reckoned with. Heatran lures in attacks and attackers that are utterly and completely vulnerable to a Calm Minding Celebi. Grass Knot is my main move, OHKOing Tyranitar at +1 after Stealth Rock. Grass Knot takes down a lot of heavy foes with its 120 base power. Psychic is my second STAB, hitting many of the things that Grass Knot can't for heavy damage, such as most Fire types and Salamence. Hidden Power Fire provides pretty great coverage in the OU alongside Psychic, as the only few Pokemon that resist the combo (excluding Latias) are hit super-effectively by Grass Knot. Celebi can really tear holes in teams, taking out multiple Pokemon. She is great for luring in Scizor, who is always OHKO by Hidden Power Fire. Celebi is also great at luring in Tyranitar, whom I can either kill on the spot with Grass Knot or set up a sweep with Lucario. Life Orb recoil and the lack of Recovery can add up quickly, but the power provided by Life Orb is necessary to reek as much havoc as possible, and without Psychic far too many Pokemon wall me. The EVs out speed the Pokemon who choose to out speed Jolly Lucario by a single point, so I can beat Jirachi to the punch as well as many Salamence. Max Special Attack is standard, and the rest are thrown into HP for good measure.

---> I typically don't end up using Celebi for whatever reason, and now that I have used her, I'm under the belief that CM Celebi is far under appreciated. I've skipped up on Baton Pass, but this creature was a force in advanced, the fear of many teams. Now, with access to a more powerful Grass move and Hidden Power Fire, I would think that the usage would've gone up. Anyway, I've toyed around with the idea of using Earth Power over Psychic, hitting Heatran, but then I'm as helpless against Salamence as I was prior to using Psychic to remedy that problem. Clebi is my main option against Gyarados, since most don't run Bounce and Ice Fang only 2HKOs, so I can hit him hard with Grass Knot. Celebi is my answer for Magnamence, CMing against Mangnezone and OHKOing Salamence with Psychic. Celebi is my best answer for bulky Grounds and Waters as well, scaring them off or CMing for free, sice their STABs do little damage to me.


Lucario**Hope is Dead
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant
6 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE

* Swords Dance
* Close Combat
* Extremespeed
* Stone Edge

---> Lucario is everybody's best friend and everybody's worst nightmare. With such cataclysmic power to tear teams apart from their roots, all he needs is a little support to remove of his counters and the end game can begin. Lucario wasn't even a member of this team until recently, as I was struggling to find a solid 6th member, and with two Pursuit weak Pokemon in Latias and Celebi that lure in Tyranitar, I decided that Lucario would be perfect. Swords Dance is obvious to boost his attack to sky high levels. Close Combat is a vicious STAB move that shreds the most dedicated physical walls. Extremespeed hits faster threats such as Latias and Infernape for a OHKO. Stone Edge is chosen over Crunch due to my use of Trapper Scizor, and it hits defensive Gyarados and Zapdos for heavy damage. Most of these calcs are off the Smogon analysis page, but for those who haven't seen them here they are:

---> Swords Dance Lucario requires a lot of support to be successful. Many OHKOs on the Pokemon above, such as Gyarados, Bronzong, Skarmory, Forretress and Donphan all need Stealth Rock; Jirachi does this for him. Rotom-A is a prime counter to Lucario and so is Gengar; Scizor is modified to take care of those two. Choice Scarf Heatran is beaten by Jirachi who lures him in and paralyzes him; Latias who walls him; and Heatran, who takes Fire moves to his advantage. Latias and Celebi draw in Tyranitar, who is often Choiced. A Choiced Stone Edge or Crunch is just set up fodder to Lucario, who takes the situation into his own hands. Lucario is the star of this team and many others and the greatest end gamer of all time. Here are some calcs:

Close Combat vs. max HP / DEF Skarmory 84.4% - 99.7%
Close Combat vs. max HP / DEF Bronzong: 95.2% - 100%
Close Combat vs. max HP / DEF Hippowdon: 75.7% - 89.3%
Close Combat vs. max HP / DEF Forretress: 79.7% - 93.8%
Close Combat vs. max HP / DEF Donphan: 82.0% - 96.9%
Stone Edge vs. 248 HP/228 DEF Zapdos: 118.02% - 138.90%
+1 Stone Edge vs. max HP/DEF Gyarados 88.32% - 104.06%

Well, I thoroughly hope you enjoy my RMT here. Now, have fun rating and I bid you adieu!


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