Online Competition Let's Go! Cup

Ended up 67th in the world with 1704.

I had a laugh when the competition was announced, but in the end it was pretty fun!

I had literally the same record as you after day 2 (17-3) and I was 1641, so I don't understand how this same record had you at 1700 after day 2. The climb is always slower in the first days because most people are low (we're all starting) and thus don't give many points.
I think that os dependent on which rating the opponent is. Maybe I lost to higher points so my decrease is smaller. If the difference between you and the opponent is to big, you win/lose less points than usual. I played the first day in the night. Friday I worked, then family and late night I played xD
As I mentioned, I unfortunately battled "only" 20 times, but still, it was fun. I ended up 17-3


Thanks god, I practiced on showdown for 2 days :D
I'd like to share a set I'm currently 20th on the ladder with:

Eevee @ Eevium Z
Ability: Adaptability
Level: 50
EVs: 228 HP / 252 Def / 28 Spe
Bold Nature
- Hyper Voice
- Yawn
- Last Resort
- Protect
Shoutout to Insania21 for posting this set. I stole it for my wife she doesnt play competitve mons but wanted to do Lets Go Cup and wanted to use evoboost. IMO best set available, you pretty much win to everything that isnt a mirror match. Also if you get encored into protect you can still evoboost, stall out if phys pika and then outspeed and kill before encore can hit you again. She finished 9th worldwide with it.
I went 19-11 and ranked somewhere in the low 1600s in the end with the following Eevee:

Eevee @ Eviolite
Bold Nature
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 84 HP / 252 Def / 172 SpA
- Hyper Voice
- Snore
- Protect
- Yawn
And that got me here: pitiful compared to most of you, but still top 10% worldwide.

Ended up with a final rating of 1582 with Eevee, finishing 831st and a rating of 1732 with Pikachu, which was good enough for 25th in the world and 5th in the US.
Lets go cup.png

I wasn't sure what to think of this competition at first, but it ended up being pretty fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing what other kinds of competitions they come up with in the future.
277th worldwide, 2nd in my (small) country!

21-9 and 1640 points. Pretty good, I'd say lol. Hopefully we will get more 'gimmick' competitions in the future, as I am not that good at 3 vs 3 or whatever is standard for online competitions. 1 vs 1 is sweet though.
I hope too, that some of the future competitions are more fun and less competitive. I only play the story of the games and all online competitions. For those I practice in showdown and make thoughts of team compositions, weaknesses and and and. At the end I hope to beat the meta and got a high ranking. These competition was "healthier" for me, because I was more relaxed. On the one hand you have just 2 pokemon to consider and on the other hand you have very little influence on your ranking. On the other challenges it make me sad if I hasn't a good placement in world but here it was completely random and was a coin flip between all those which have heard of EV and IV. You had an absolute advantage over all beginners of competitive pokemon which partially had no items (lol) or not EVd (some were 0HKO which would be impossible if only IV are max. Not to tell if it would have EV ;) ). Those were all beaten in day 1 and 2. The winning rate on day 3 was absolutely random because you could face your counter or something you have an advantage over. So it was pretty fun to beat all the noobs and to justify losses with luck which was 90% of the result. I like such no-brainer because you have less responsibility about win/loss. In more competitive challenges your choices are directly affect your result beside flinches and hax. So I also would like to play more often such competitions :)

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