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LGPE UU is the home of Pokémon that don't have what it takes to be consistent performers in OU. Here you'll find the likes of Moltres, Articuno, Tentacruel and even some Mega Evolutions. The tier is based off LGPE OU's usage stats across October 2019, with anything above 3.406% usage prohibited. This thread will be the hub for all resources and tiering discussions, including Viability Rankings, suspect tests, quickbans and general conversation about the format as it develops.

Note: Due to LGPE's Mega Evolution mechanics, Pokemon had their usage combined with that of their Mega Evolution(s) to determine their tiering. As a result, Pokemon such as regular Gyarados and Kangaskhan are OU.

Pokemon are set to Level 50. Pokemon do not have EVs, Abilities, or Items. IVs and Nature still apply.
Clauses: Smogon-Wide Clauses.
Allowed Pokemon: Pokemon 1-151 and Meltan, minus the prohibited Pokemon listed below, are allowed for use in LGPE UU.

OU: Aerodactyl, Alakazam, Arcanine, Beedrill, Chansey, Cloyster, Dragonite, Dugtrio-Alola, Eevee-Starter, Gengar, Gyarados, Kangaskhan, Melmetal, Mew, Muk-Alola, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Poliwrath, Rapidash, Rhydon, Sandslash, Sandslash-Alola, Snorlax, Starmie, Venusaur, Zapdos
UUBL: None (yet)

Type Compendium
Speed Tiers

LGPE UU will probably never have a challenge format on the main showdown server- you can play by challenging someone to an OU battle with UU teams, or using the format on my psim, Nexus!
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Damage Calc (provided by @Lego)
Pokemon listed here have displayed a decent level of viability in the current metagame. Viable Pokemon may not be listed here due to a lack of testing.
:articuno: Articuno
:blastoise-mega: Mega Blastoise
:charizard-mega-Y: Mega Charizard Y
:charizard-mega-x: Mega Charizard X
:clefable: Clefable
:dodrio: Dodrio
:dugtrio: Dugtrio
:electrode: Electrode
:exeggutor: Exeggutor
:exeggutor-alola: Alolan Exeggutor
:gengar: Gengar
:golem: Golem
:hitmonlee: Hitmonlee
:jolteon: Jolteon
:kadabra: Kadabra
:magneton: Magneton
:moltres: Moltres
:ninetales: Ninetales
:omastar: Omastar
:persian-alola: Alolan Persian
:pidgeot-mega: Mega Pidgeot
:pikachu-starter: Starter Pikachu
:pinsir-mega: Mega Pinsir
:primeape: Primeape
:raichu-alola: Alolan Raichu
:slowbro: Slowbro
:slowbro-mega: Mega Slowbro
:tauros: Tauros
:tentacruel: Tentacruel
:venomoth: Venomoth
:victreebel: Victreebel

Potentially Viable- These Pokemon have potential to be viable, but need further testing and discussion (or simply seem niche).
:blastoise: Blastoise
:electabuzz: Electabuzz
:golbat: Golbat
:golduck: Golduck
:golem: Golem
:hitmonchan: Hitmonchan
:kabutops: Kabutops
:kingler: Kingler
:lapras: Lapras
:machamp: Machamp
:marowak: Marowak
:ninetales-alola: Alolan Ninetales
:raticate: Raticate
:scyther: Scyther
:vaporeon: Vaporeon
:vileplume: Vileplume

To start off conversation- the council is concerned about the impact Mega Charizard X and Y could have on the metagame. What are your thoughts on this? Or anything else, of course!
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That prohibited mons list seems kinda off. It doesn't mention certain mons like Arcanine and normal Sandslash while incorrectly saying stuff like Charizard is banned by usage. That said...

Gyarados seems like a pretty all-around solid tank. It can check the Mega Charizards while Dragon Tailing out checks and dishing the damage with Earthquake and Waterfall. ou by usage nvm

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 7.44.05 PM.png

On the subject of Water tanks, Tentacruel also seems pretty neat. Takes on the Megazards even better, although unlike Gyarados it has to beware Earthquake. It also has sustain in Mega Drain as well as high-power Scalds and Sludge Bomb.

110762 (2).png

Surprisingly anti-meta rocker? It seems like there's gonna be a good amount of Water types, and while Golem-Alola can't switch in, Water can't switch in on it either due to its Electric STAB.


I remember running Bulk Up Mega Pinsir allll the way back in the good old days of pre-release Candy OU, and it put in work there. Maybe it can find a home in UU?

Without Magic Guard OU has been a bit too strong for it, but perhaps it can be a good Fairy down here
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LGPE now has a working teambuilder once again thanks to Kris! As a result, building for the tier will be much easier. An interesting side effect of using our old combined usage for megas and base formes is that Gengar has been put in OU. We can't determine whether it would have dropped without its Mega, and would almost certainly have banned it regardless. We're sticking with this tiering, meaning Gengar is no longer allowed in LGPE UU.

That's not all I want to share though- while I'm here, I feel like giving an overview of my favourite team from the little testing we've had. I feel like it does a good job of showing that LGPE is very accomodating to a variety of playstyles!

:ss/tentacruel::ss/electrode::ss/pinsir-mega::ss/pikachu-starter::ss/marowak::ss/persian-alola: (click for pokepaste)
This is a very basic dual screens offense. LGPE's lack of Light Clay makes it a much smarter choice to have a balanced backbone on this teamstyle in order to better respond to the opponent's offense, rather than going all in on offense and relying on screens to tank hits. In this team's case, Tentacruel and Marowak make for a solid 2 Pokemon core that can respond to many threats in a pinch. Electrode also acts as a catch-all, being fast enough to outspeed even a +1 Venomoth and prevent further setup, and Pikachu can pick things off with Zippy Zap. For offense, the team is definitely not lacking in fast firepower- Mega Pinsir is absolutely nuclear and can decimate bulkier teams or those that have their fast Pokemon picked off. Alolan Persian has perfect coverage in two moves and a stellar Speed tier, making it a great pivot and greatly improving the team's matchup against opposing offense which can't deal with its decidedly lacking Special Attack after a boost. This team is probably far from optimal, but it's definitely fun! Be wary that due to Screens' shorter duration, it may be optimal to only set up one at a time to maximise the number of turns you get.
Things to experiment with: Explosion/Teleport on Electrode, Swords Dance on Marowak, Hypnosis on Alolan Persian, Reflect on Tentacruel

Also, here's some general thoughts on which Pokemon stand out at this stage-
:tentacruel: This is the best Pokemon in the tier. Amazing special bulk, solid Speed, Toxic immune and a reliable spreader, and very difficult to switch into with its coverage and Scald in general- Tentacruel has it all.

:dugtrio: Dugtrio is strong and really fast (most of the faster mons are Electric-types), has STAB Earthquake (best move in this tier), and also has Rock Slide and Sucker Punch to cover Flying-types and pick off anything that may end up outspeeding it. Substitute sets are really good at exploiting the switches it can force. Dugtrio is probably offense's best tool for destroying opposing offense. Frailty and difficulty breaking through bulky Waters/Marowak/Exeggutors in the short term hold it back, but definitely still one of the best.

:blastoise-mega::slowbro-mega: Grouping together because they do roughly the same thing- be a bulky Water tank that throws off strong hits in return. Blastoise offers better special bulk, a real Speed tier, a significantly higher STAB damage output thanks to Hydro Pump (Slowbro only gets Surf), and can run Aqua Jet and physical options like Earthquake. Slowbro offers ridiculous physical bulk, insane coverage, Thunder Wave, a secondary STAB, and setup options that can potentially let you cheese a win. Pick whichever fits your team best.

:charizard-mega-x::charizard-mega-y: These things are somewhere from amazing to broken, not sure yet. Zard-X is obviously more consistent thanks to its reduced Stealth Rock weakness, but Zard-Y's immense power can be really hard to pass up. Might try my hand once again at finally coding correct Mega Evolution mechanics because I'd love to see how Zard would utilize the ability to choose the better Mega for the scenario, and how it might affect sets and viability.

:omastar: Omastar is terrifying in certain scenarios. If you don't have Jolteon, Starter Pikachu, or Electrode on your team, you don't have a Pokemon that can outspeed or Zippy Zap it after a Shell Smash and might just lose (especially if you don't have a bulky water or it was forced to take damage). If you have one of those Electric-types, you're probably okay. Matchup Fossil for sure

:pikachu-starter: Speaking of the rodent, it's actually good here! The power level is much more accomodating, and the lower amount of mons that stonewall it means it can function effectively as a revenge killer that can whittle things down throughout the game with its great coverage. Zippy Zap is, of course, invaluable priority in a format lacking conventional means of speed control.

That's all for now! Full resources and an early VR coming soon :blobthumbsup:

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