Liar's Rule V - Finals [Won by Luthier]


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Lie your way to victory! In this tournament, you and your opponent will take turns telling each other what you will do every turn. Every player gets two lies to use for the entire match (three lies from Round 4 and onward), so you must think strategically about when the most opportune time is to burn your lie, and what you should lie about. Put yourself in a position to win! This tournament will be Best of ONE, using the current SM OU metagame.

Tournament Specific Rules

- Every player must declare what move they will be doing in that turn.

- You get 2 lies for the whole game. Round 4 and onward you get 3 lies for the whole game.

- Whoever is first in the matchup has to declare their lead during team preview first.

- Whoever is second in the matchup has to declare their move in turn 1 first.

- Players go on alternating until the game is over.

For example the matchup is listed Genesis7 vs jacob, Genesis7 will tell jacob his lead then jacob will tell Genesis7 his lead, Turn 1 jacob will tell Genesis7 his move then Genesis7 will tell jacob his move. When using moves like Volt Switch and U-Turn tell your opponent that you're going for the move and what pokemon you are going to. You must also announce you are using a Z-Move (or lie about using a Z-Move ;))

General Rules

General Tournament Guidelines apply (

In addition to the above, you are playing in standard SM OU, meaning the following Clauses are in effect for each battle unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Star vs Luthier

Deadline is September 10th, 3 lies per battle
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