Liepard (Revamp) [QC 0/3]

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  • Prankster allows for excellent support
  • Very fast
  • Extensive support movepool
  • Decent attacking stats
  • Extremely frail
  • Outclassed in physical offense
  • Utility Pokemon capable of revenge killing and helping your other Pokemon set up

name: Swagger
move 1: Swagger
move 2: Substitute
move 3: Foul Play
move 4: Encore / Thunder Wave
item: Leftovers
ability: Prankster
nature: Timid
evs: 80 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD / 168 Spe


  • Prankster is crux of set
  • Swagger powers up Foul Play
  • Substitue and Encore punish status users
  • Foul Play is powerful against physical sweepers before Swagger boost
  • Thunder Wave is an option to cripple fast sweepers

  • EVs allow for five subs
  • Potential partners include Gurdurr, Sawk, Golurk, Misdreavus
  • Lickilicky is main counter through Own Tempo
  • Weezing and Alomomola break sub, don't care about Swagger or paralysis
  • CALCS: Foul Play vs. 172/0 Golurk: 69-81%: OHKO after SR and two layers of Spikes
    vs. 0/0 Jynx: 56 - 66%: chance to OHKO after SR and Spikes
    vs. 0/0 Zangoose: 52 - 61%: 2HKO
    etc. etc.

name: Encore
move 1: Sucker Punch
move 2: U-turn
move 3: Night Slash / Pursuit
move 4: Encore
item: Dread Plate
ability: Prankster
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP


  • Useful revenge killer through priority and decent power to easily pick off weakened foes
  • Sucker Punch is to revenge kill
  • Encore is for when the opponent uses Substitute or a setup move on the turn Liepard uses Sucker Punch so the opponent is essentially a sitting duck
  • Night Slash is reliable STAB, but Pursuit can trap Pokemon attempting a switch, especially after they have been Encored
  • Dread Plate is for maximum power on Sucker Punch without recoil (only lose out on a tiny bit of U-turn power)

  • EV's allow for maximum speed and power; no need for bulk as Liepard is too frail to make good use
  • Skuntank is usually used in this role, but Liepard's advantage is stopping setup sweepers and sub users while Skuntank has to rely on prediction and isn't usually fast enough to use Taunt
  • Dark Gem and Unburden could be used but they aren't as reliable and readily available as Prankster, and after one use of Sucker Punch Liepard loses a lot of power
  • Appreciates hazard support and can't break through walls so Pokemon such as Garbodor, Scolipede, and Gigalith are good partners; it also has good synergy with Ghost-types like Haunter and Golurk
  • Like all Liepard sets, walls such as Alomomola and Regice are good counters because Liepard doesn't have the sheer power to break them


  • Nasty Plot set with Encore/Taunt is usable but largely outclassed by Haunter, Jynx, and Misdreavus
  • Has priority on Sunny Day and Rain Dance and therefore could make a good weather starter
  • Choice items (worth a mention?)
  • Unburden
  • Hone Claws / Sucker Punch
  • Support: Yawn, Knock Off (no Prankster), Fake Tears


  • Armaldo is a great counter as it can easily take a Foul Play pre-Swagger, doesn't really fear Thunder Wave, and can break Substitute with Rock Blast. It can also threaten Liepard with X-Scissor
  • Lickilicky with Own Tempo is clearly the best counter to the Swagger set as it is not afflicted with Confusion and receives free attack boosts
  • Dedicated walls have little to fear from Liepard as Liepard does not hit hard enough to wallbreak and is so frail that even moves such as Weezing's Sludge Bomb and Lickilicky's Body Slam heavily dent Liepard
  • Against Liepard without Taunt, Phazers such as Bastiodon and Munchlax can force Liepard out


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So it looks like you just copied the current analysis and put it into skeleton form. That's a pretty good place to start, but the qc team has a few issues with the current analysis, namely that the last two sets are bad and shouldn't be in the analysis. So:

QC Reject 1/3 on the Nasty Plot and Weather Supporter sets. Make them mentions in other options.


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QC Reject 2/3 for Nasty Plot and Weather Supporter

They aren't complete garbage, but they aren't very good either. OO is a good place for them.

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had some discussion with tennisace, you can add this set

Liepard @ Dread Plate
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Sucker Punch
- U-turn
- Night Slash/Pursuit
- Encore

call the set encore, explain how it uses it's decent attack to revenge kill stuff and has an element of surprise. Sucker punch is hard hitting and if the opponent escapes it with sub or another non attacking move, you can lock him with priority encore after. U-turn let's you play around and night slash is standard stab. Dark plate cause LO recoil is not worth a boosted u-turn and you'd rather just boost both stabs. Mention it's a nice alternative to skuntank with a similar stregnth sucker punch. Pursuit can get you to trap jynx but leaves you with no standard stab cause it's weak.


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If the set is called encore, encore should be the first listed move :P Make it Encore / Sucker Punch / U-turn / Night Slash or Pursuit. Also, make Encore the first set, since it's the better Liepard set.


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Overview needs some major changes. You say Prankster allows for excellent support but in reality the only "support" it is providing is Encore and potentially Thunder Wave. Rewrite it so that it just says that Prankster makes it a good user of Encore and allows it to take advantage of the Swagger + Substitute strategy.

Remove the second and third points. Again it only really has Encore in terms of viable support and Sunny Day/Rain Dance set is in OO. If you're going to mention that its fast just say that its ability to outspeed base 95 Pokemon is useful to maim Jynx and Haunter.

In the Overview you should also add that the Swagger set is pretty luck based and isn't very consistent.

[SET] (Swagger)
As EVs for Liepard are pretty irrelevant since it's not taking a hit regardless you might as well change the EV spread to 40 HP / 252 SpD / 216 Spe Timid. 216 Spe and a Timid nature allows you to outspeed everything up to base 101 Pokemon such as Simis and Charizard. 40 HP still allows you to create 5 Substitutes so you're fine there.

[SET COMMENTS] (Swagger)
Talk about the strategy of this set. Encore for free opportunities to get a Swagger chain going...etc. Make sure to emphasize that luck is required.

This needs to be reworked. Explain EVs in more detail like I did above. The last three points should be remove talking about counters doesn't belong there and Foul Play calcs are a little irrelevant. At best just say Foul Play does good damage to most things such as Zangoose, Golurk, Haunter, and Jynx. Explain why you picked those Pokemon as partners.

[SET] (Encore)
EVs should be: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Remove the first point, the EVs are straight forward and don't need to be explained. Unless you add some KOes that Liepard gains thanks to hazards don't include them. Also Gigalith is a pretty bad Pokemon and should be replaced with Golem if you do find something. Again Counters don't go here and Regice is really random, remove that point.

For your Other Options and Checks and Counters tags they should be the same way as I have them below. Every other tag is fine.

[Other Options]
Remove mention of Choice, Unburden, and the other 'support' options. Add Taunt here.

[Checks and Counters]
Armaldo is bad and not a counter, if anything Golem works better here because it's immune to Twave. Add Gurdurr as it gets a Guts boost from Twave and doesn't take much from Foul Play thanks to Eviolite and resistance. As Liepard's sets don't have Taunt, remove that point. Munchlax is also not relevant and shouldn't be mentioned. Try to add more here, because Liepard has a lot of counters.

Implement these and I'll look over it again and add more.

EDIT: Since I'm slow, tennis posted before me. Take all his changes and rearrange the Overview so that its focus is placed on Encore set rather than Swagger.
I think the Nasty Plot set is a great set for Liepard, it warrants its own set. It's true that now with Mandibuzz it has another counter, but mono-Dark is not that bad. I've had great results with it because Encore is such a great move. Nasty Plot Liepard job is not only sweeping, as it can still stop set-up sweepers. I used this set with Encore, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse and Substitute, with a Life Orb. Life Orb + Sub make Liepard not live long, but I found Substitute to be quite a useful move.

Largely outclassed by Haunter, Jynx, and Misdreavus? That's not true, they don't have Encore, and Liepard is faster than them.

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