Tournament Limit Break Series: Round 2 - [Gen 6] Ubers (No Ditto)

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Welcome to my Limit Break Series!
Hello everyone! In this tournament, players are to build teams that do not surpass a given specific BST limit i.e. sum of BST of all Pokemon on a team should not exceed the given limit. Each round will have a different format (ranging from official to OM to oldgen) with a different limit and the battles will be best-of-threes. The tournament will be of double elimination. Tournaments like these are mainly enjoyed as user-hosted tours in the tournaments room on PS!.
Limit Break:
-Players build teams based on a given total BST limit each round.
-Sum of BST of all the Pokemon on a team should not exceed the limit.
-Each round will be in a different format (can be anything ranging from official formats to oldgen formats to OMs) and will have a different BST limit.
-Players can choose to have less than 6 Pokemon on their teams.
-A player entering a battle with a non-valid team (with total BST greater than limit) will be disqualified.

Winner's Bracket:

Loser's Bracket:

Rules to be followed:
  • Round 2 format is [Gen 6] Ubers. Standard [Gen 6] Ubers ruleset shall be followed.
  • If a Pokemon is mega-evolves in a battle, the BST of its mega form will be counted.
  • BST limit is 2500!
    :kyogre-primal: (770) + :genesect: (600) + :mawile-mega: (480) + :spinarak: (250) + :sunkern: (180) + :ralts: (198) = 2478
  • Players can choose to use less than 6 Pokemon.
  • A person using an invalid team will be considered to be at loss regardless of the actual battle's outcome (be it by using illegal Pokemon or exceeding the BST Limit).
  • The best-of-three battles must be played on Pokemon Showdown. You can choose to use a different team each game.
  • You must upload and post replays when claiming wins.
  • Follow all applicable Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses, and activity calls.
  • While calling acts, please note that only scheduling attempts made on smogon walls will be considered.

Round 2 Deadline is 24th March, 4:00AM GMT±0. An extention of 2 days will be granted if needed, and no more. Please feel free to contact me on any platform for asking doubts related to this tournament, hope you have fun!

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Unless my two possible opponents finish really soon, I will have to ask for an extention to next Saturday, since I won't have time to play on the weekdays.
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