List your types from favorite to least favorite

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(Types in the same tier are not in a specific order)

S tier (my favorite types)

Ghost: Main thing I like about Ghost is how it's associated with shadows and other creepy things like the undead. Would probably be my #1 fav if there were more (cool) ghost pokemon.

Dark: Tied with Ghost for favorite. Dark type has a lot of cool pokemon designs and unique attacks like Sucker Punch and Knock Off.

A tier (types I like, but not to the extent of my favorites)


B tier (types I don't really care about, but don't hate them either)


C tier (types I hate)


Psychic: Even if Mewtwo is one of my favorite Pokémon, main reason I hate psychic is because of the Psychic type Gym Leader in Pokémon Stadium for N64. I had to use the shitty rentalmons, and the only rental with SE coverage on Psychic was Jolteon with Pin Missile…

D tier (this type shouldn't exist)

Fairy: Wouldn't hate it as much if it didn't resist Bug (because Bug didn't have enough types that resist it already /s), and/or if Ghost was SE on it.

(While i'm on the topic of types, does anyone know how to get that "favorite pokemon for each type" thing in your signature?
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First Class:
  • Poison. The representation of steels power. The best pokemon is poison type.
  • Ghost: Great typing, the best pokemon is ghost type.
  • Fire: Nothing likes taking a hit from fire, it answers most questions with untimely and non-consensual fainting.

2nd Class:
  • Flying: All it needs is to get out of it's abusive relationship with Normal and it'll be golden.
  • Fighting: Need to get a car out of the way? Punch it. Don't like your boss? Punch him. Afraid of the dark? Punch it.
  • Ice: It's Game Freaks favorite type to never give love, but it still scares all the dragons.
  • Psychic: It just seems like it needs some love so here it gets some
Third Class:
  • Rock: Did I mean ground? At least it's good for soaking up all your opponents energy.
  • Electric: The loner type. It doesn't like having interaction with the other types and has a scene cut.
  • Dragon: So many great creations are dragon, but its design is not utilized well.
  • Water: It seems like everything gets this when they run out of ideas for it, and there's no good Octopusses OR Octopi.
  • Normal: The every-man's type, it actually belongs in 2nd class, but it has low self-esteem ever since it got forcibly converted to Fairy and came down here to third to sulk.
  • Grass: Lots of pretty things, that's good for it.
  • Steel: Something has to resist everything.
  • Ground: Did I mean rock? Everyone hates sneaky pebbles.

Play in a fire blindfolded:
#20051 Fairy - Not even resisted by itself because that would weaken it.​
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