Little Cup Playhouse Cup - Round 2


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Activity wins:

Free Agent Team 3 vs. Tony's Stark Sharks
sassyaccident vs Vubon

Chodu Maal vs. Backstreet Boys
Rasberry Pie SG vs LuckyRyu
KoldKappuccino vs Fuladono

Fake Out Feint Foos vs. Instagram Model Airplanes
All-Star Lineup vs HT

Random Battle Mains vs. Team Berryfriends
Aalbaniaa vs KevinELF

Die Antwoord vs. Team #alwayscarryingkingler12345
SilentMango vs Analytic - Players scheduled for past the deadline, I said there would be no extensions because of the nature of this tournament
blinkboy vs TraceofLife - Game didn't get completed, neither particularly deserved activity.

I called both the above games dead, meaning Team #alwayscarryingkingler12345 won because of Steven Snype's win

Next round coming up soon, gotta find someone to do matchups for me

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