Little Cup Playhouse Cup - Round 3


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taken over from Serene's Grace who took it over from Conni, approved by Quite Quiet

Little Cup Playhouse Cup
  • Teams of 3, each member playing a bo1 in standard SM LC
  • Single Elimination
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules.
  • There will be no extensions, get your matches done
  • Have fun n_n

Round 3: Matchups done by the wonderful Coconut

Team Fuckmuffins vs. Free Cased
Rafooa11 vs tjdaas
Microwavable vs Drud
Like A Star vs HANTSUKI

Frat Bros vs. Zoro was so scared of facing kingler in this tour he asked him to be on his team
TheFenderStory vs ZoroDark
Holiday vs Kingler12345
tahu vs Sken

Team #alwayscarryingkingler12345 vs. team tiny wolfpack with only 1 person actually on the wolfpack but fiend just wanted a rival name to defeat ops squad and melon had no say on this name i hope its not too long
Steven Snype vs Fiend
Analytic vs Melon
TraceofLife vs tko

Team Berryfriends vs. Bagged Milk Bandits
zugubu royale vs Seo.
KevinELF vs iRKD
Black Rabbit vs Hys

Chodu Maal vs. Allez LT
parivard vs Bouki
Rasberry Pie SG vs 0Nl
KoldKappuccino vs Iron Pyrite

TU T'E SCURDAT E ME vs. tiny tigres
fran17 vs OP
Tricking vs miltankmilk
Kebab mlml vs Zebraiken

Instagram Model Airplanes vs. :]
Dundies vs HSA
Shrug vs Drew
HT vs Finchinator

Tony's Stark Sharks vs. The :)(: s
Corporal Levi vs Confide
blarajan vs Sabella
Vubon vs Dak Prescott

Deadline: August 13th at 11:59 PM EST
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