Little Cup Rules (4th Generation) PLEASE READ

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Seven Deadly Sins

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Little Cup Rules:
Pokémon: Players are allowed a team of up to 6 Pokémon that meet the following conditions:

  • The Pokémon must be able to evolve.
  • The Pokémon must be the earliest evolution stage obtainable.
  • The Pokémon must be at Level 5.
  • The Pokémon must not be on the Ubers list.
Species Clause - Only one Pokémon may be on a team from each species.

Ubers - The following are banned from use in Little Cup:


Items and Moves:

Items: Pokémon in Little Cup are allowed to hold items, as in any Pokémon match. The "Item Clause" is not in effect in Little Cup, multiple teammates can hold the same item. The items Deepseatooth and Berry Juice are banned.

Moves: Pokémon in Little Cup can use (nearly) any move available to them at Level 5. All non-genderless Pokemon can use their level-up moves, and genderless Pokemon can use any 3rd generation level-up move in conjunction with any TMs. Sonicboom and Dragon Rage are both banned moves. Further information on illegal move combinations is located here.

OHKO Clause - Moves that score a guaranteed "One-hit-KO" on the opponent, such as Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Guillotine, or Fissure, are banned.

Evasion Clause - Moves that directly increase a users Evasion such as Double Team and Minimize are banned.

Battle Mechanics:

Sleep Clause - Only one Pokémon can be put to sleep by an opponent at a time, per team.

Self-KO Clause - If an opponent uses Selfdestruct or Explosion with their last Pokémon, they lose the game regardless of the number of Pokémon remaining on the other team.

Evasion Clause - Moves that boost evasion (i.e. Double Team and Minimize) are not allowed.

EVs: Contrary to some beliefs, it has been proven that even with a level 5 baby, any EV spread is possible on any Pokémon by way of the "Box trick". Thus, the standard in game maximum of 255 EVs per stat, 510 EVs total is the only limitation on EVs in Little Cup.

TEMPORARY RULE: Due to the glitch involving multi-hit moves and Focus Sash, intentional use of Multi-hit moves to circumvent focus sash (Rock Blast, Icicle Spear, Bullet Seed, etc) is banned. You may use these moves in other contexts. If an opponent does this to you, let a CAP moderator or driver know.

Individual Pokemon Discussion - Unlike the main Stark forum in which discussion topics on individual Pokemon are normally discouraged, here at the Little Cup subforum, these topics are actually encouraged. However, if you plan to post one, it has to be a quality topic of a Pokemon that is actually relevant to the metagame (sorry guys, no wurmple discussion). To enforce this rule without clogging up the forum with locked topics, Seven Deadly Sins and I are requiring topics to be approved. If you want to post an individual Pokemon discussion topic, PM eric the espeon, Heysup, Vader or Dubulous with the opening post of the topic for approval. Unapproved threads will be locked.
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