Little Cup Trigger Warning Tour [Signups]

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Little Cup Trigger Warning Tour

Is there a Pokemon you hate to battle against? Do you want to try a metagame with a mon completely banned away? Is your name Shrug ? Well if so the Little Cup Trigger Warning Tour might be for you! The concept is simple: when you sign up, you must include a Pokemon that neither you, nor any of your opponents can use at any point during the tournament.

-Standard Pokemon Sun and Moon Little Cup Rules apply
-Standard Tournement Rules also apply
-Battles are best of 1
-Using a Pokemon that is banned in your match will result in immediate disqualification unless your opponent decides to give you a second chance
-In the event that I copy down a banned Pokemon wrong, I will require the incorrect battle to be replayed
-Please post replays
-Substitute players will only be put in when a player is either inactive or requests to drop out
-If a player says "give my opp the win" or any similar phrase, a substitute will be assigned if available
- This tournament will be a 64, 128, or 256 player tournament depending on the number of people
- This tournament is part of the Smogon Championship, and the points available in this tournament will be listed below, depending on the amount of players, players will be notified from Round 1 and above how many Smogon Championship points are available
Point Table:

Please sign up by saying "in" with the Pokemon you request to ban. If you merely post the Pokemon you wish to ban, I will accept that as a signup. If you do not post the Pokemon you wish to ban in your sign up, I will contact you, and you will not officially be signed up until you post the Pokemon in the thread in a separate post.

Important Notes

-You will not be counted as "in" until you post a new post
-DO NOT edit your original post
-The only Pokemon banned in your match will be that of yours and your opponents
-These banned Pokemon do not carry over to other rounds, and as such this tour is not the same as this one
-You are allowed to ban the same Pokemon as anyone else from your games if you so please
-Feel free to pm me if you have any questions
Spreadsheet of players and banned Pokemon here
Sign-ups close as early as possible on April 6th, which will most likely be around 7:00 a.m. EST (GMT -5)
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