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Unless they really tinker with a trainer in particular, the answer is every trainer just uses defaults in 95% of instances. They will have whatever moveset are given at that level and will default to whatever ability is in the first slot.

Bosses will be more likely to fiddle with it more (just as an example since I had the page up, HGSS Blue has No Guard Machamp instead of Guts) since they need more to work to begin with. But the chaff don't bother with it
I like Legends: Arceus. It is not my favorite Pokémon game, but I still found it quite fun and enjoyable to play. There are a lot of things I like about this game. I wanted to make a post with everything I like about it that I haven’t posted in this thread before, but it was about to become very long so I split it in two parts. Here’s the first one. The game has been out for over three months now, so I don’t think there’s any reason to use spoilers when talking about the game anymore.


This will the third time I’m saying this, but I really like the cover art for the game. It is easily the best in the entire main series so far if you ask me. It gives me a feeling of a grand adventure that is about to start, which I can’t say for the older games as they only feature a picture of a cover legend or a starter. I really hope they will keep this style for the cover art for future games.

I like how you are able to catch Pokémon without having to battle them, but you still have the option to battle them first if you want to. It feels like a combination of the systems in the regular main series and the one in Go/Let’s Go, basically the best of both worlds and I love it.

I love the regional layout/design in the game. Some people might consider it to be too open, others might think it is too linear, but personally, I think it is perfect. It is “linear open world”, as I call it. It is just what I wanted from Pokémon, you have a clear objective of where to go, with a functional level curve and story, but you also have large optional areas to explore if you want to. I really hope this becomes the new standard for future Pokémon games.

I really liked exploring all of the areas in the game. It was fun since there was a lot of content in the world, it felt like there was always something waiting around every corner. And as you got more ride Pokémon, more areas open up for exploration, which is really great. There are many different areas and environments, which is great as it is one of the things I consider important in a Pokémon region. Just like Sinnoh, Hisui has great variation when it comes to environments. There are forests, fields, beaches, lakes, marshlands, sea areas, a volcano, ruins, snow, ice caves, high mountains and cliffs… I love it!

I have seen some complaints about the world in L:A feeling empty, but I disagree. There’s always something to discover behind every corner, be it Pokémon or items. So from that perspective, it never felt empty to me.

Jubilife Village felt small at first, but it felt like the more I played the game, the bigger it got. There are many houses and locations, NPCs, quests and various useful facilities, and more things opened up the more I played the game.

Overall, Hisui is a great region but not quite my favorite, though it is definitely among my top 5 and maybe even top 3 favorite regions in the series.

I have seen a lot of complaints about the graphics, but personally, I don’t have a problem with them. If anything, I think the game is actually pretty good when it comes to the graphics. Most areas look pretty and I love the Pokémon models as always. It is far from the most graphically impressive game I have played on the Switch, but I still think the graphics are fine.

Character customization is kept, and it is great as always. I didn’t use it at first since I actually really like the default outfit for the player characters, but then I ended up trying it and made my player character look a bit different. And you can wear a white hat! That is so awesome and something I have wanted since X/Y! Love it.

I love the new move system, how you can change back to any move as long as the Pokémon in question has learned it at least once. This makes it a lot more convenient when you want to change the moveset for a Pokémon.


Just like in S/S and BD/SP, I really like how you can get bonus things in the game if you have save data from other Pokémon games on the Switch. It made me extra happy since I have save data from Sword which gave me a Shaymin in L:A. I love Shaymin! If it had been Shaymin for BD/SP and Darkrai for S/S instead, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as happy. I think Darkrai is fine, but I don’t like it anywhere near as much as Shaymin. So I am very happy about this.


I really like how the same species of Pokémon can have different sizes, and how these are visible on the overworld and in battles! Really cool. I also like how some areas in the game are references to Pokémon names, such as Ursa’s Ring or Aipom Hill. And how some are references to areas which exist in the Sinnoh games.

I like what they did with the Pokédex in this game. At first, I thought it would be annoying to do more than just catch the Pokémon in order to complete its entry in the Pokédex. But after playing for a while, I found it really fun! It also feels more complete this way somehow, you actually have to do more than just catch a Pokémon in order to make it count towards the Pokédex. I found the Pokédex order to be really messy at first, but then I found out that you could sort it by number, so that’s cool.

I thought it was easy to rank up the Dex as well. Maybe because I explored so much, I caught many Pokémon and did things that automatically raised my rank. I was at 3 stars before Kleavor, 5 before Lilligant, 8 right after Electrode, and finally 10 right before I was going to catch Arceus. Initially, I was unsure about if I would be able to get to rank 10 at all. Didn’t think I would get it unless I did some extra grinding after Arceus, but now it sort of happened automatically. The reward was nice too, 20 Rare Candies and 10 Grit Rocks, highly useful.

I really like how the time system works in this game. The in-game time is no longer tied to the real-life time set on the system clock, but it operates on its own. Even better, it can be manually changed to various times of day through resting! The old system was cool back in Gen 2, but as the years have gone, it has just felt more and more aged. I hope the new time system in L:A will become the new standard and that the old system never comes back.

There are many minor things that just make the game more enjoyable. Seamless battle transitions. A camera that can be freely rotated everywhere, even in battles! Being able to switch your lead Pokémon directly on the overworld instead of having to go to the menu first. Or switching your lead Pokémon during battle, making the lead different for the next battle (mostly useful when battling several trainers in a row). Picking up items on the overworld without a huge text box appearing every single time. And not seeing a huge text box when catching a Pokémon, just a small note that the Pokémon was caught. Those are really great changes which makes playing more convenient.

I like how you can send out your party Pokémon on the overworld and just interact with them. A neat little feature. Way better than having them follow you around. Or you can just take a photo of them and post it on the internet, which many players have done (myself included).

I really like the Grit system and I think it would be fine if this replaced the traditional EV/IV system in future games. At least as long as the Grit items are reasonably easy to obtain. I like how you can max out all stats with Grits, instead of just two like you can with EVs.


Lastly, I want to talk a bit about the trials you had to do for the lake trio. My favorite is the one you had to do for Azelf. At first, I didn’t like it at all. I found it idiotic how it kept asking me if I wanted to continue trying to hit it. Of course I want to! Why even ask? It was very annoying. Then when I looked back at it, I realized that what it had actually done was to test my willpower. It was just done in a way I hadn’t expected. So that was genius and I love it.

That’s it for now, I’ll post the second part of this at a later point.

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I think in general GF has always priorized "easy to recognize" abilities when it comes to opponent trainers when possible. That's also why almost every single Static and Sturdy applicable pokemon ends up having it when enemy trainers have it.
This just reminds me of my first time playing through X, when I kept trying to play around NPCs' Mightyena's Intimidate, only for none of them to actually have it.
So I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a lot, and there's a guy who looks a lot like Volo who shows up at some stables and it's freaking me out.View attachment 424801
His name is Molo. Why? How? This is blowing my mind!
The guy's name/appearance are just coincidences(...probably), but BotW's NPCs are just made using an upscaled Mii program. You could make a Mii who looks like this yourself!

After a "fight" that even involved some former voice actors of the anime, The Pokémon Company is now hiring translators for games released in Latin America.

Not Scarlet/Violet unless there's a massive surprise (it's technically doable but I doubt it), but hey, it actually worked.
Ha! I watched a video recently from a Thomas Game Docs talking about that, it was hilarious. I'm so glad they're actually acknowledging that now
Is it because they're too late into development to change? When are the translations for Pokémon games usually finalised?
Likely in tandem with the game's development at this point, otherwise a world wide release wouldn't be feasible. The time between approximately right now, where they'd have to interview and hire new translators, and when the game would "go gold" (probably around october at the latest) is not a lot of time unless they really speed through both the hiring process and the translation process.
Eh, the hat doesn't really read as a hat and just looks like big flowing hair, and the body looks much wider than Mismagius's skinny triangle build.
I dunno it reads properly to me? Mismagius has a fairly "back heavy" hat. You got the big point in the middle, the distinct brim visible even on the front that extends to the back, the weird tufts that puff out.
Then you got the face. The weird football neck is abstracted out for clarity purposes. Then you got the little ball body with the necklace and break between the face and the body to give it curvature and imply a neck connecting them. You can see the tendril "arms" along the side, and then of course the "dress" just behind them.
In the Emerald Frontier, there is one regular opposing set for Shedinja. I accidentally stumbled upon the details for it when I was going to check some things for my own Shedinja. I noticed one thing that is really hilarious about this set. Take a look at the EVs.

There have been many screwups for various Battle Facility sets over the years, and there are many things that just seem wrong regarding several of the Emerald sets, but this is definitely the funniest one I have seen.
Why don't I back up a game and talk about arriving in Castelia for my first time?

Because let me tell you, I am blown away. From the constantly-changing camera angles and passing trains as you make the long trek across Skyarrow Bridge, to the passersby on every street, to the sheer number and variety of locations and activities, Castelia nails the major city feel like no other in the franchise.

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