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With the recent push for community involvement on social media I thought an on-site notification of live streams would be beneficial.

Also the inclusion of facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets would be extremely beneficial to display on the forum and main page would be a plus.

It very possible in the Xenforo platform. A site that has implemented the idea I'm speaking of is Smashboards. I'm pretty sure they allow anyone to post a twitch stream. I imagine that you could set user status parameters on who able to advertise a stream.

I believe this change would promote active participation in smogon related streams. Also maybe some type of partnership program could be worked out where you let privileged users post their own streams if you the staff of smogon just didn't want to open up the flood gates.

I don't want to make this post longer than it needs to be, but if anyone is curious enough to want me to expand my idea further don't hesitate to ask.


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Where's the stream notification you speak of in Smashboards forum ?_? Besides live streams, I think it'll be cool to have a display of latest FB / Twitter posts somewhere as well. I'm not sure if xenforo currently allows this without any plugins but there are plugins like this and probably more if anyone wants to search for them. I'm pretty sure when we just moved over to xenforo, we had a box where it showed the top shared page from smogon on fb. That one probably got removed / disabled? Though that's not what you're looking for. If the main forum page is too cluttered, then perhaps we can have a tab that says like Social Media updates or something like that with highlights from the various medias about the recent stuff. And then we also have the manually posted stuff by approved users. Users in that usergroup will probably be just the ones already involved heavily in social media section.

If these things can also be added to the main smogon page without too much clutter that'll probably be good as well like you suggested. The main page does have links to twitter/fb though. Yea this is a good idea and I agree. tl;dr I'm just suggesting adding all social media platforms if we're doing this to a tab on forums page where the home/forums/members tabs on top are. Anddd perhaps we can put competitor stuff there when new things come out or articles etc. This leaves a lot of room for discussion as there are many new things that can go up on such a notification system. Maybe in future we can have C&C mods notifying what analyses went up via this system? Though social media / live stream are the main topic here sorry for the digress xd


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Why not just an easily dismissable notification on the forums like we had for Smog awards voting saying when a stream is active with a link to the stream?
I use this add-on on my website. It adds a tab to the navbar named "Live Streams (#)" where # = number of streams currently online. When you click on the tab it takes you to a page with each online stream embedded and playable. It is unlike Smashboards in the fact that each stream has to be manually added by an admin. I'm not sure how well this could be applied to a site as large as this, but it works well for my uses. It could provide a way to promote a SmogonU stream whenever it goes live. Just a friendly suggestion.

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