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Gen 3 Lombre (NU Analysis)


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Lombre is a very, very mediocre Swift Swim sweeper due to its low stats across the board and it should not be considered on any kind of team apart from a dedicated Rain Dance team. On these teams, Lombre's typing comes into play to allow it to break down common rain checks, particularly bulky Water-types like Wailord, to allow for a late-game Huntail sweep. On any other kind of team Lombre is excruciatingly outclassed by Huntail. Even as a Huntail countersweep measure Lombre is outclassed by Seaking due to the latter's higher Speed and bulk.

name: Swift Swim Sweeper
move 1: Hydro Pump
move 2: Blizzard
move 3: Hidden Power Grass / Giga Drain
move 4: Rain Dance
item: Miracle Seed / Never-Melt Ice
ability: Swift Swim
nature: Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

- The good thing about Lombre is its stellar coverage, and getting STAB on Grass-type moves heavily separates it from other Water-types allowing to beat most of them one-on-one
- Due to Lombre's mediocre SpA, high Base Power moves are needed to get the most out of him, even if that means sacrificing accuracy
- Blizzard is needed to make a dent in Roselia and other Grass-types, which is a guaranteed 2HKO with Never-Melt Ice
- Hidden Power Grass deals significant damage to Water-types like Wailord, but Giga Drain is an option for the health regain factor which could feasibly allow Lombre to win the one-on-one with Huntail and Dewgong

- Modest is needed to hit as strongly as possible and Lombre won't outspeed Huntail in the rain anyway with Timid. Outspeeding as much before using Rain Dance is unimportant
- Mystic Water also an option to increase power of Hydro Pump
- Lombre is only good on dedicated Rain Dance teams; Huntail an obvious teammate, Relicanth also recommended.
- Support teammates such as Wigglytuff and Metang highly recommended

[Other Options]
- Dynamic Punch
- Icy Wind
- Toxic

[Checks and Counters]
- Kecleon, Lickitung
- Hitmonchan
- Dewgong
- SpD Bellossom
- Swalot
- Pretty much anything outside rain

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