Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


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You wake up to find two bodies.

ginganinja was strangled. He was a member of the Rohirrim.

zorbees was stabbed by a Morgul Blade. He was a Soldier of Gondor.

It is now Day 11. Day 11 ends in 48 hours, or at Midnight EDT August 7th.


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Just as you all wake up, a certain someone yells 'IT WAS PAPERBLADE! PAPERBLADE TOOK MY PRECIOUS!'

That someone charges at Paperblade and, before you can do anything to stop him, strangles him to death.

Da Letter El said:
Dear Paperblade, you are Frodo Baggins.

The Ring-bearer, you are the nephew of Bilbo Baggins and have been entrusted with the One Ring for safe keeping. It is of the utmost importance that you keep it safe from the Forces of Sauron, and destroy it by casting it deep into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

Your trusty sidekick, Samwise Gamgee, is here to help you bear this burden as long as it is yours to bear. As such, you know that Samwise Gamgee is xenu. While he is alive he will protect you from harm, as if you were to die...the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

You are allied with Middle Earth. You win if all threats are eliminated.
With the death of your loyal sidekick, you have become incredibly cautious. You may now submit a PM titled “NX-Become invisible” at night. You will put on the One Ring, and no one targeting you that night will succeed. However, if you put on the Ring too often, Sauron will find you, and so you can only use this action once every two nights.
This same figure immediately grabs a small golden ring from around Paperblade's neck and screams out in triumph 'MY PRECIOUS!' before bounding off.

Disheartened, you all trudge home to await yet another night...
It is now Night 11. Night 11 ends at Midnight EDT on August 6th, or 24 hours from now.
Mr. Blue, you did it right
But soon comes Mr. Night creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind, I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way

Mr. Blue Sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?
Wow no one's talking since we have no leader left.
For the record I think Steven Snype is clean. If he was mafia, he would have been aware of the 3 day cycle mechanic, but he had to have me explain it to him.

Lynch Billymills
A claimed power role, but I question why he hasn't been killed yet, over someone like ginganinja. Explain why you are not dead yet pls.

nvm Im an idiot
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You all wake up and look around to see two bodies.

The first belongs to billymills. He had been strangled but...strange Elvish symbols were inscribed across his body. It seems as though it was an ancient power that had empowered whoever killed this man.
UncleSam said:
Dear billymills, you are Sauron.

You are the Lord of the Rings, the Eye, the Dark Lord who sits atop the fortress tower of Barad-Dur and broods, waiting for his moment to strike. And that time is now.

Every night you may submit a PM titled “NX-Send <user1> to kill <user2>”. <user1> must be a member of the Forces of Sauron. <user2> will die of wounds inflicted by a Morgul Blade by the following morning. If you should manage to eliminate the current Ring Bearer and all in his immediate company you will regain control of the Ring, which will amplify your power.

Additionally, you have the ability to, once in the game, submit a PM titled “NX-<user> is a traitor”. You will send your Nazul elite guard to summarily execute that person. <user> must be one of your Orcs.

Finally, your forces brought you intelligence that Boromir, son of the Steward of Gondor is dead, and as such will not be fighting for Middle Earth. They also alerted you that without the Horn of Gondor on his possession at his time of death, there is no chance of anyone being able to protect all Soldiers of Gondor from night kills twice in the game. Such a role would count as a Soldier of Gondor for all voting or ability purposes, and as such would know that if more than half of all living Soldiers of Gondor vote for the same person during a given day, that person will have one additional vote levied on him or her.

You are allied with the Forces of Sauron. You win if all threats are eliminated.
Second belongs to the_angry_scientist. He was a member of the Rohirrim, and had been strangled.

It is now Day 12. Day 12 ends in 48 hours, or at Midnight EDT August 9th. NOC.


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FoS on imperfectluck. I don't think he is genuinely disinterested in this game. I feel like he is a player that likes to make things happen, regardless of role.
I am a Rohirrim, I claimed to Ullar and then LightWolf. I do not have any info on the game or the sheet. All my posts have been trying to actively involve the Rohirrim in using their role but it seems everyone is disinterested / inactive. Feel free to let me know if that changes.

Andy Snype

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Okay, no discussion has seriously happened? I'm assuming there is nobody alive with access to the village because it should be posted by now, meaning for some reason or another, all of us have a reason to be suspected by the old village leaders. LightWolf is out of ideas on leads else Paperblade would not have let the Nachos roll happen. YAYTears, I have never seen a game not-named multifaction where kills are assigned to specific nights rather than every 2 out of 3 nights or something along those lines.

I am most skeptical of everyone that has tried to do something but since then stopped, though that may just be a sense of being defeated. However, if we all act as if there is nothing we can do, that is far worse than doing nothing because we have the possibility of lynching someone. I urge all members of Middle Earth to stand strong and post reads on people. PokeguyNXB You said you would post thoughts on people. I do not care how idiotic you think you may sound, but having something to go off of is better than nothing.

Tagging everyone still alive to post their thoughts on players.

Living: (14)
  1. askaninjask
  2. imperfectluck
  3. Pidge
  4. TheGottemer
  5. PokeguyNXB
  6. YAYtears
  7. Upside
  8. macle
  9. Slim Guldo
  10. Mithril
  11. Steven Snype
  12. TheSwagger
  13. Metal Sonic
  14. Cancerous
Alright, now that I truly have a hold of the situation, I'll post.

I think we should Lynch Upside. He's only made one post all game, and even if he is village (specifically Gondor or Rohirrim), he's doing more harm then good with his inactivity.

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