Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!

also you hurt my feelings once so that's a thing, only a massive scumlord would do that

I also went through the effort of checking your avatar to see if it was shopped to have a different message and it didn't so I feel further betrayed

really it's p obvious you're mafia at this point not sure why these fools are voting someone else

the best thing about NOCs is I can double post as long as I have MEANINGFUL CONTENT which this post isn't but oops

how the fuck are we supposed to play a pseudo-NOC game with 40+ people anyway, I stop paying attention after like 20

Okay so, real talk, Ullar, bbydoll, why are you treating everyone itg like babbies who have never played mafia before?
paperblade we can't actually play a NOc game under these conditions the whole point i feel is to constrain the village and force people to use time wisely and be active in order for stuff to happen. basically, it's an obstacle for the village that has to be dealt with making good use of the time given.

random voting is probably a waste of time in terms of being productive, i would say discussion over things like, should we claim? who to claim to? are more pertinent and important considering that getting organized is something that still is our best strategy at this point rather than hoping that we can "play NOC" with so many players / so little time.

the rules say that the village leader system won't work, but it seems more like "let one dude win the game for the village" is what won't work. i see no reason to constrain ourselves to "let's play 43 man NOC so fun !!!!!" because that would literally be terrible

ullar i think probably isn't a bad choice of someone to claim to, i would be more suspect over "big name user here claiming powerful inspection role." ullar doesn't really strike me as the sort of guy 1. who will try and mole claiming a mayor role 2. whose mafia team will pick him as the one who should mole 3. whose mafia team will allow him to mole claiming mayor.

not sure if people so ardently against claiming whatsoever are mafia or hate winning

re: lynching - honestly not sure if no lynch is allowed but if so maybe we should do that to give us more time to gather more info during the night, otherwise i would be down to namelynch someone like ln who is seemingly always mafia in big games or something of that sort

basically agree with jalmont, big NOC with 48 hour day phases would be a nice april fools joke

ullar claimed mayor immediately which doesn't really strike me as mafia in this setup

if no lynch no works, we can off agape

Vote Agape[/b]
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Lynch Celever


On a more serious note, we needn't off somebody today because 1) 24 hours isn't enough time to determine whether someone's scummy or not in a NOC 2) we've got OC phases to guarantee catching mafiosos

Waiting for von to post his role PM
It still feels like we should be doing some form of scumhunting, but yes this game will likely still be decided by the OC; it'll just take longer to get organized. If we really wanted to we could prove Ullar's mayor claim today by tying a vote with his mayor, which seems like a decent idea to me. Anyone else have a better suggestion (or a reason why we shouldn't do this)?

Also since we're in "RVS", Lynch The Gottemer because that Ullar vote is either an awful attempt at being funny, a noob move, or some serious bandwagoning/buddying and it screams scummy to me.
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