Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


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[23:49] <UncleSam> is that vote final
[23:49] <UncleSam> if it is ill update
[23:50] <pidge> yes

Bass is lynched. He was an Orc.

Night 14. Deadline 24 hours. Midnight EDT August 15th. OC.


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All actions are in.

First, TheSwagger is killed by a Morgul Blade infused with an Ancient Power.

Then, Pidge is strangled.

Finally, TheGottemer/Nachos is stabbed by a normal Morgul Blade.

All were Soldiers of Gondor.

It is now Day 15. Day 15 ends in 22 hours, or at Midnight EDT August 15th. NOC.


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See pidge? I told you so.

Doesn't matter who we lynch since we plan to make it 1/2/1 as I said previously. LN personally requested that I don't kill him, so we won't. I guess I'll go with...

Lynch ginganinja

Nothing personal sorry!

Also if you are wondering why I am not going to lynch Snype, I won't bother insulting anyone's intelligence. If you guys lynch Snype, my team wins. Snype will point that out if I try to trick you into doing that so let's just get this over with.

Andy Snype

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idling hook tonight.
mercykilling Pidge

I would rather force a kingmaker among the village rather than let a village where half the people don't do anything for most of the game and just a couple of the active people come back to try to win. Villages should have a lot of active people that need to work together. If the numbers part doesn't matter as much because of the liberal usage of subs for just active people, I don't think it means that in the books, they deserve to win. I have very dim chances of winning considering the relation I have with the village and I realize this, but me potentially giving the win to a rather inactive village off of principle doesn't make much sense. I don't think the villages deserved to win in the past few games as they had been, and though there was considerable effort among the power roles, sorry LN, LW, rey and whoever else was initially involved, but the rest of the villagers did not get a good enough plan going even if they had suspected me. Looking at the NOC part once Bass was lynched, it was pretty much dominated by few people and it was p bad to see the rest of the game going to waste unlike the NOC aspect that I thought it would be. Most of the villagers were just follow-the-LightWolf until then and I didn't think it meant a whole lot. I would have gone forward with being a petty brat, but if it meant that this was the 3rd big game in a row where village won because mafia threw, that is enough of it.


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All actions in.

Steven Snype attempts to kill Ditto, who is protected by Orc Protection. He also plays a game of Riddles with Bass.

However, Ditto, unperturbed by this game of Riddles, kills Steven Snype via stabbing him with a Morgul Blade.

UncleSam said:
Dear Walrein Steven Snype, you are Gollum.

It was yours, yes it was precious. Then that Bagginses STOLE it from us. Thieveses all of them. They will pay.

You travelled all the way to Mordor to find it. And you know what? Those filthy, stupid orcses mistook you for one of them! You know that all the filthy orcses have this role PM:

UncleSam said:
You are an orc.

You are a foot soldier of Mordor, and will fight to the last for your Lord Sauron.

You have the same voting power as all other orcs, as detailed in your team’s PM.

You are allied with the Forces of Sauron. You win if all threats are eliminated.
You have also received the orc team PM for the Forces of Sauron. Unfortunately, they have become aware of your presence and isolated their leaders away from the main group of orcs.

Every even night starting night 2 you may submit a PM titled “NX-Strangle <user>”. You will unleash your rage on <user> and kill <user>.

Every odd night you may submit a PM titled “NX-Game of riddles with <user>”. You will have a game of riddles with <user> all night and <user> will be unable to do anything that night.

Your vote is worth nothing in every daily lynch or orc ability voting.

You know that your other personality, Smeagol, is seeking the same thing as you (duh), and is vonFiedler.

Finally, if the Ring Bearer and all others in his immediate company were to perish, you would probably be the first person on the scene to recover your precious from those thieveses.

You win if you obtain the One Ring and eliminate any chance of it being stolen by thieveses again. To do this, kill everyone.
With the death of your more pitiably side, you have become even more enraged. You may now strangle someone and have a game of riddles with someone every night.

Finally, once in the game you may submit a PM titled “DX-<user> stole the ring>”. You will determine that <user> stole the ring and will publicly strangle that person at the conclusion of and in lieu of the lynch that day. Nothing can stop your rage in the sight of your precious.
You have finally obtained your precious! With it, you may submit up to three additional kills using your strangle action; these will bear a distinctive flavor from your normal kills, however. You may not use more than one kill on any individual night.

Additionally, the next time you die, you will simply lose the Ring (and the kills you obtained with it) rather than actually die.
And with that, Bass and Ditto, the remaining Orcs, disposed of LonelyNess, the last Soldier of Gondor. They now reign supreme over Middle Earth.

Congratulations to the Forces of Sauron for winning Middle Earth Mafia!

I hope to get a Postgame up via video if anyone wants to stream/let me know if you want to be part of the streamed postgame. I will probably post some thoughts with it, hopefully this weekend sometime. I am aware that there were some things I ought to have changed (given the village a Safeguard, for example), but overall I am pleased with how things turned out. I will probably post more tomorrow but it is late as hell tonight, and I am going to sleep.

Good game all.


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Before anyone says anything...

[02:04:41] UncleSam for the record
[02:04:43] UncleSam you made the right choice
[02:04:49] UncleSam if you lynched snype mafia instantly won
[02:04:59] pidge why, the ring gives protect?
[02:05:01] pidge after killing?
[02:05:02] UncleSam you did the best you could with that situation
[02:05:03] UncleSam ya
[02:05:15] UncleSam it was instantly over
[02:05:18] UncleSam if you voted snype

So screw you if you thought otherwise.


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gg. I plan to participate in the stream so I won't post any detailed thoughts now. But I do think I would have been more satisfied if we won the lynch earlier since I could tell Snype "You're a terrible lawyer". If you don't get the reference, see the gollum logs he posted.

Also yes I did lie about the ring, if you guys lynched Snype it would have been 100% our win. Otherwise I think my points were reasonable since nobody would reasonably expect Snype to throw it, and he didn't.

That's all for now, more to come later.

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