Tournament Los Juegos del Azar II (Signups & Information)

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Hosted by: Español & Eventos room.

Hello everyone! I am TheJesucristoOsAma, and i will be your gamemaster. If you're reading this, consider yourself invited to the second iteration of "Los Juegos Del Azar II" Tournament! One of the biggest tournaments events hosted by the Hispanic community so far, our community is well known for playing Challenge Cup formats and thats exactly what we'll be doing. Expect to face around 100 players in a Challenge Cup team tour until the very best squad rises as the Game Champions!.

Tournament Description:
  • 16 teams. 6 players each one. Divided into 4 groups of 4 teams, where the first 2 teams of each group will go to the quarterfinals.
  • The tournament will be played in the CC1V1 (4 Slots) and CC2V2 (2 Slots) formats.
  • The Group Phase has 6 Rounds, each team will play 3 sets home and 3 sets away. Every team will face each other twice. The local advantage is getting an opponent Pokémon banned randomly in each game (Using !dice 6). Every match will be Bo7, and the duel ends reaching 4 wins.
  • Each pairing set has 3 "Wildcards" (this can be updated after suggestions), which are spent in the specific moment that the player selects to. These are:
  • 1) Targeted Ban
  • 2) Targeted Showset
  • 3) Remake (only on team preview)
  • The winner team will get +3 points on the Board, tie gives +1 for both teams. After 6 Rounds, the two best teams of each group will go to the quarterfinals stage where the Local and away rule will no longer apply, but the 3 wildcards will stay until the event ends.
How to post your signup to this tournament:

The following information will be required for your signup:

  • PS! Username:
  • Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: (Consider the fact that the rounds will be short, so you'll be playing every 3 days or so):
  • Discord Username:
The ins process will be open from today and will probably close on Wednesday 26.

There are 16 teams from the eventos circuit:

:vivillon: Heavenly Vivillons | Captain: Dybala jr

:pangoro: Clash Of Pangoros | Captain: KingSwordYT

:aegislash: Real Aegislash | Captain: kaipro

:salamence: Salamence Warriors | Captain: Faku

:leafeon: Primordial Leafeons | Captain: Grillo

:gyarados: Gyaraxyos United | Captain: Raxyo

:snorlax: Golden Snorlax | Captain: JuanS13

:swampert: Powerful Swampert | Captain: XYZ15

:sceptile: Sceptiles Revolutionary Forces | Captain: Exi0022

:tyrantrum: Lagger Tyrantrums | Captain: TheRayitto

:togekiss: Magistics Togekiss | Captain: Wonter

:zebstrika: Zebstrikas de Turin | Captain: ZeroKitss

:avalugg: Avaluggs Ice Chest | Captain: haxlolo

:gengar: Spirit Gengars | Captain: Long Spirit

:delcatty: New York Delcattys | Captain: Dorron

:marshadow: Liberty Marshadow | Captain: Fakee

The player selection system will be through captains decition. The captains will see the playerlist and contact the players they're interested in to make them sign for their club. Every captain will choose 5 players, in addition each team will have a sub-captain chosen by the captain himself.

Good sportsmanship is required to participate in this Tournament. Overwhelming toxicity or going out of your way to bypass the anti-scouting measures in the tournament will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from competing in the tournament. If you are a victim of any of these during the tournament, please contact a Host ( Dybala jr , TheJesucristoOsAma , Lets In The Sun ) with relevant screenshots as evidence.

Activity Calls

The priority is to make contact with your opponents! To prevent this, post a VM on their Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots just in case to have proof if needed. Leave timezones preferred time to play, and be specific. No activity calls will be made if neither team's players or captain post about it, so take initiative on that.

Dead Games

In the tournament, if a game is not played and neither teams post for an activity call, it will be declared a dead game, which means that the game will be taken as to not exist. This will also be the case if an activity post is made but neither players showed a satisfactory level of activity.

Prizes and rewards

A Team Custom Avatar for the winning team: The winning team of Los Juegos Del Azar will be awarded a team avatar with the team mascot courtesy of Zarel.
The winning team will get the Room Prize Winner (RPW) rank in Pokemon Showdown Spanish Room with a duration of two weeks.

For further details and to see the players signings, join the event discord: (Fixed discord link issue, this one works)
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-3 10am or past 7pm weekdays, everyday on weekends
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  • PS! Username: JereRetorno / JereReturn
  • Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: (Consider the fact that the rounds will be short, so you'll be playing every 3 days or so): GMT-3, free all weekend post 12 am, every week day im free 10-13, if you want to schedule any weekday just ask me which hours im free from uni xd
  • Discord Username: JereRetorno#6293


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PS! Username: Gian
Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: (Consider the fact that the rounds will be short, so you'll be playing every 3 days or so): GMT-3
Discord Username: Gian#1626

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