NOC Lovers Dance: Second Date Game Thread - Game Over

There’s a certain point where repeatedly calling me toxic and making me spend over an hour In chat live to recite to your social justice thing about my ‘white male ego’ and whatnot and then just refusing to talk about reads and insinuating that you were going to kill my slot by leaving causes somebody to snap tbh.

I was the final mafia.

Also this game was 100% over at game start. Town getting an IC + the ability to dayvig made this such an impossible game to play as scum. Also having all three of us roll ladies and having almost no agency in the dance phase was rough, then (and no offense to either of my partners) having the three of us, including two newer scum players against a fairly stacked town meant that there was almost chance that the mafia could ever win here.


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There’s a certain point where repeatedly calling me toxic and making me spend over an hour In chat live to recite to your social justice thing about my ‘white male ego’ and whatnot and then just refusing to talk about reads and insinuating that you were going to kill my slot by leaving causes somebody to snap tbh.
you snapped before all of that with your DS stuff, and then insisted that despite being wrong that you were still right :blobshrug: And insisting you are right when you are wrong is def most common in white males (and I say this because I am guilty too). I definitely implied that I was ambiguous about your alignment (I never committed one way or the other way though), which I'm sure is annoying, but I do really wish the DS stuff didn't happen.

knowing that it was former and not bgb is surprising, good on you.
Aside from saying DS has ‘smol dick energy‘ which was in bad taste but me intending to egg him into voting me I honestly don’t see what I did that was all that bad to DS. I just refused to tr him or respond to his AtE and expressed that refusal which imo is fair seeing as DS will express that line of frustration as either alignment.
Tbf if I had long enough to sit on it I might have ended up tring DS there somewhat for not voting me bc scum DS absolutely does vote me if I call him out for not.
thank god i didn't continue along my 'maybe former and bgb are the most likely t/t pair' train of thought lol

wp former, yeah it does seem like maf needs at least 1 gentleman on that team for a decent shot

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also M2H if a good amount of people are telling you that you've been p toxic/difficult to play with this game, and nobody but you is arguing otherwise, perhaps you need to look at yourself and see why we'd all think that rather than vehemently deny any responsibility
I’m just asking for specifically what was out of line and nobody has bothered answering that question so why would I just blindly accept that it’s true and even if I did how would that be if any use to me w/o knowing specifically what was deemed out of line.

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probably a good place to start would be to re-read and note where someone has commented saying as such and then consider what comment you made that triggered such a response

i can help explain why something elicited a certain reaction but i can't do all the work for you of pointing out which specific interactions at which specific points were problematic without first seeing the investment on your end to find out such things yourself
Judging by the way you’ve decided to approach this you might not like where I end up if I’m being honest. I think my current towncore wins so I’m not really interested in having a lengthy (and likely heated) discussion with you unless you’re ready to accept my read as reasonable and not take it personally if I end up with a read on you that you don’t like :blobshrug:
I mean idk how you expect me to approach interacting with you objectively after some of the shit you’ve pulled on me.
I was more imagining the framing as you going down the town dunce that yolo paired with scum.
And understanding your ego idt you would want me sliding on you to that extent.
But if it satisfies you, I scumread you DS.
DS expressing that smol dick energy uwu
all seem pretty antagonistic tbh, and DS called it out as you making it personal (which you were) when it needn't be. + you just wouldn't leave DS alone before and after pre-dance

if you disagree that you were being antagonistic or making it personal then pls recognise that it's not for you to decide that -- if DS took it personally or found it aggressive, realise that that's a valid reaction to what you were doing and then try and not do that in the future
It was impossible for me to not make it personal, that is to say that my history with DS meant that a prolonged engagement in thread with him was NEVER going to be useful for me in assessing him to be town here. I expressed as much, consistently discouraging DS from engaging. In the first two posts there I expressed as much. Discouraging an engagement there and trying to read DS based on interactions w/ others was my way of TRYING to keep it impersonal but DS just cannot accept it when me specifically does not TR him so in any game that I do not explicitly TR him he is going to bait an interaction and then respond with frustration and AtE in the thread. The second to last quote is literally just me expressing a scum read after being baited to “come to an actual decision on his alignment.” The last one I already acknowledge was out of line. The third and fourth like maybe? Thank you for actually trying to show me what posts seemed bad to you but like the most I can give you is that I was a little bit course or abrasive with a person that I frankly didn’t want to speak to and that would not stop engaging and using AtE on me after being asked not to multiple times.
Leaving the game over being lightly trolled and not being town read by one particular person is not a valid reaction and how am I supposed to be sensitive to the in thread grievances of somebody who resorts to similar AtE patterns as both alignments.

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